AI for industrial automation

Industrial AI (Artificial Intelligence)

The key to AI is vast amounts of data. HMS products enable data from industrial machines to leave the factory floor in secure way and become available to AI-systems.

Industrial artificial intelligence

HMS enable valuable data and insight that can be used for AI

Machine learning and AI require a lot of information from the machine. HMS products are often used exactly for this — extracting information about machine performance and operation. This information can be used to build AI-models that predict maintenance, service needed and estimated lifetime.

HMS also work actively with developing AI in our own operations. Solution Architect Henrik Arleving gives an example of AI at HMS.


AI @ HMS Networks

HMS offers both Edge and Cloud solutions that can be used to detect patterns, see trends and analyze performance. Cloud solutions require data to be sent to a central server for processing, while edge solutions have the processing power in the field application, providing faster and more direct processing.

Industrial AI example application

Stack light monitoring with AI

Felix Nilsson at HMS Labs describes how AI and 5G is used to monitor stack lights on a factory floor. The AI application detects if the stack lights turn red.

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