Talk2m remote access VPN client

Ecatcher, your Talk2m client

Ecatcher serves as Ewon's remote access VPN client. With Ecatcher, you can easily connect to your remote devices through Talk2m and handle your account, all within a single software. Ecatcher is available as a desktop client or as a mobile application.


What you can do with Ecatcher

Configure and register Ewon devices

Ecatcher and Talk2m work harmoniously to ensure successful connectivity. With the USB and SD card wizard, you can register your device to your Talk2m account in less than 5 minutes, without ever needing a LAN cable.

Connect to your machines equipped with Ewon devices

Thanks to its easy to use interface, Ecatcher allows you to see all available machines in a list or on a map view. You can also view Ewon devices online/offline status and initiate a VPN connection with a single click.

Manage Ewon devices' firmware

Thanks to the Talk2m pro plan, administrators can allow specific users to remotely manage Ewon Cosy+ devices' firmware and keep them up to date. Users can immediately see if important updates are available, view release notes and launch firmware upgrades on single or multiple devices remotely.

Administer your Talk2m account

Ecatcher lets you easily create and manage users. It gives you the ability to set up passwords and two-factor authentication. Define precise user rights with user groups and device pools (Talk2m pro feature). In addition, advanced firewalling levels can be configured.

Download reports and logs

Ecatcher lets Talk2m account administrators view which user has initiated a connection, when, for how long, and to which Ewon gateway. They also have access to a detailed report about account monthly consumption.

Connect remotely via mobile

With Ecatcher mobile, you get fast and secure VPN remote access through a smartphone or tablet. You can also connect via native HMI mobile applications from vendors such as Schneider, Siemens, Beijer, and many others. Additionally, you can establish remote connections with mobile VNC client applications.

Get Ecatcher now

Ecatcher - PC

Download the Ecatcher PC client.

Ecatcher mobile - iOS

Download the Ecatcher mobile app for devices running on iOS.

Ecatcher mobile - Android

Download the Ecatcher mobile app for devices running on Android.