Anybus Embedded CompactCom

Are you tasked with adding industrial networking or IIoT compatibility into your device? Read how the Anybus experts can help you.

Embedded device to communicate with any industrial network

Anybus CompactCom is a high-performance network interface. The CompactCom includes the hardware and software to enable your embedded device to communicate with any industrial network.

Customer Success Story

Standardized hardware and software interface saves development cost and time

Anybus CompactCom IAI casestudy


Using Anybus Embedded offering, IAI Corporation have connected their robot controllers to various industrial networks in factories around the world. 


Our customers speak best for us. Discover the story of the IAI Corporation, and how HMS helps them improve and expand.


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Industrial Ethernet Networks without using stacks

Anybus Embedded Webinar


Taking on an embedded networking project the traditional way using stacks, can be daunting and time consuming.  Watch our ‘Training in 60 minutes’ video and let OEM Project Manager, Kurt van Buul, show you how the Anybus 40 Series solution can make such a project, easier, less time consuming and a lot less stressful!


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Learn how to embed an Anybus CompactCom into your product.

The Anybus Embedded team can help you: ‘From Concept to Certification’


Let the Anybus

Embedded team

help you.



Assistance with initial project scope definition



Free ‘Teams’ based consultations with an Anybus ‘Field Application Engineer’ to discuss all aspect of the development


During project

Free direct access by support tool to our expert support engineers and development team



We offer support by our experts (chargeable) to reduce certification test failures and re-testing costs

Which CompactCom suits your device?


The most flexible solution


All-inclusive and pluggable communication solution



  • All hardware in one formfactor
  • Ideal to flexible support a large variety of networks and fieldbuses
  • Ideal for optional use, were the end-user plug-in the desired network module
  • The fastest time-to-market


The economic solution


Ready-made piggyback style communication module for PCB mounting



  • Free selection of connectors and/or protection class
  • Economic for moderate volumes
  • Support all Ethernet Networks with one hardware
  • Ideal for small packaging-size applications


The cost optimal solution


Fully integrated communication solution



  • Design-in based on a Volume Production proof reference design
  • Full freedom in designing-in and sourcing components
  • Optimal solution for high volumes
  • Ideal for ultra-compact designs


  • Reduce development effort up to 70%
  • Short time-to-market and faster Return-on-Investment
  • Fully certified by all network associations


  • Secure IIoT connectivity with support for MQTT and OPC UA
  • Trusted product with over 7 millions of devices installed in thousands of applications
  • Free of charge in-design support
  • Future proof – we take care of network updates which are free
  • Covers over 30 common industrial networks such as PROFINET, EtherCAT, BACnet, EtherNet/IP,Modbus, PROFIBUS and many more

Discover more about Anybus CompactCom

Products tested for security

Enable secure cloud connectivity

Encrypt, Authenticate and Authorize your connectivity with Anybus CompactCom IIoT Secure.
Functional safety

Go safe with Anybus CompactCom

CompactCom allows you to integrate functional safety into your product in many different ways.
Customer success story

Case study easy PROFIsafe integration

Anybus CompactCom is used to enable safety interlock systems to communicate with safety networks.
IoT Connectivity

Add IIoT protocols to your device

Enable communication between your industrial devices and the world of IIoT using OPC UA and MQTT.