7 tips towards an effective protocol gateway implementation strategy

Learn how to improve the implementation processes for industrial gateways! 

Achieving a reliable system quick and trouble-free is paramount in attaining the benefits of added automation in any legacy or upcoming site. Engineering teams are challenged with handling and providing services for multi-protocol network environments while undergoing a continuous learning path to achieve proficiency in their new setting.

In this webinar, we will share seven tips that will introduce a strategic approach towards selecting a gateway supplier and device for your connectivity needs. By applying these principles within your engineering teams, you will save time, remove complexity, and streamline any current or future protocol-gateway related tasks.

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Your speakers

Siobhan Chapman

Senior technical services engineer,
HMS Networks 

As Senior Technical Services Engineer, Siobhan is responsible for presenting the HMS Networks Anybus and Ewon training courses in the UK as well as consulting on projects and technical support cases on all HMS Networks solutions for customers across Northern Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.      

Michael Burns

Technical sales UK & Ireland,
HMS Networks

As Technical Sales Engineer in the UK, Michael helps find and convert leads in to sales, by looking at the best solutions from our product offerings to meet the customers needs. He has have over 12 years experience as a automation engineer that helps when looking into different solutions. In his role at HMS networks he currently covers the areas of Scotland and Ireland.