Case studies


Netbiter enhances power generator monitoring for Azercell in Azerbaijan

Azercell, a mobile telecommunications company in Azerbaijan, faces the challenge of maintaining backup power generators. They turn to NetService and the Netbiter remote management solution to monitor and control 450 mobile base station generators.

Ewon Netbiter transforms generator maintenance for JS Power

JS Power, a British company specializing in backup power generators, faces challenges in remotely monitoring critical parameters across Europe. They implement the Ewon Netbiter solution to enhance monitoring, enable remote starting, and improve preventive maintenance.

IAS Inc. takes advantage of a new business model by selling troubleshooting as a service

IAS Inc., an automation engineering company, partners with Ewon to provide remote monitoring and troubleshooting services, enhancing customer support, saving costs, and maximizing up-time.

A.G. Stacker enhances customer support with Ewon connectivity

A.G. Stacker, a manufacturer of advanced stackers, partners with Ewon to offer innovative remote connectivity solutions, improving customer support and reducing travel costs while enhancing machine performance.

Ewon gateways enhance USEMCO's anaerobic digester facility

USEMCO, a leading manufacturer of pump stations and control systems, improves its anaerobic digester facility with Ewon industrial gateways, enabling remote access, data collection, and cost-effective solutions.

AFA Systems streamlines automation with Ewon technology

AFA Systems, a Brampton-based packaging automation solutions provider, uses Ewon Cosy for remote automation tuning, reducing costs and improving customer service. Ewon simplifies communication and programming updates.

Enhancing label printing efficiency with Ewon remote access

CODIMAG improved productivity and reduced maintenance costs by implementing the Ewon remote access system. This solution allows remote monitoring and troubleshooting, benefiting both customers and engineers.

Ewon Flexy provides tray sealing machines with real time production data

By using a Ewon remote data solution, a manufacturer of high speed food tray sealing machines is now able to offer its customers a range of added value options including real time visualization, production management and fault diagnosis tools, which minimize costly downtime.

Efficient monitoring of wastewater pumping stations with Ewon Flexy

Aquaflot used the Ewon Flexy to collect crucial data from a wastewater treatment plant, enabling efficient design and cost savings in pump station renovation, while ensuring remote access for data monitoring.

Ewon Cosy enables Cofresco's remote maintenance solution

Cofresco, a leading manufacturer of home food storage solutions, implemented Ewon remote maintenance for efficient machine startup, standardized interfaces, and secure, user-friendly access to their automated systems.

Ewon Flexy helps EroNkan reduce losses and enhance productivity

EroNkan's Industrial Platform offers IoT solutions for industries like food & beverage, packaging, and pharmaceuticals. They use Ewon Flexy gateways for secure data collection and analysis, leading to reduced losses, improved machine efficiency, and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Innovative solution ensures alarm connectivity at Dutch water plants

The Dutch government aims to lead in electronic superhighway development, modernizing its infrastructure for 5G, fiber, and digital tech. Phasing out analog phone lines at water treatment plants posed challenges, but Moekotte BV provided a solution using the Ewon Flexy 205, ensuring minimal disruption, maintaining connectivity, and enabling the use of pager alarms.

Remote maintenance transformation at Bosch with Ewon technology

In Lollar, Germany, Bosch KWK Systems utilizes Ewon remote gateways for efficient maintenance of their advanced heat and power units. These units, maximizing energy from natural gas sources, require remote software updates and maintenance, especially in remote locations without broadband.

Smart lighting control in grocery retail market

Inelbo, specializing in indoor installations and electrical maintenance, chose Intesis as their preferred network integration provider for energy efficiency. Intesis gateways enable efficient system management, integrating diverse equipment and protocols, and are key in Inelbo's project for a major Spanish grocery franchise.

Energy saving in retail premises with Intesis gateways

The UK’s largest pets supplies retailer is enjoying significant energy savings across its entire retail network, while ensuring that ideal animal welfare conditions are maintained at all times.

Making energy savings measurable

The Cinergy Telecoms Wind Tower combines a telecom antenna with a wind turbine for energy self-sufficiency. Ewon Netbiter's remote management solution enables real-time energy savings tracking, benefiting telecom companies like Cinergy. Netbiter connects sensors, communicates via Modbus, and sends data to the Argos data center for secure storage.

Egan’s commissioning and troubleshooting costs lowered by 25%

The Ewon Cosy VPN gateway simplifies remote access, streamlining the process and improving efficiency in commissioning and maintenance for the Egan IntelliBatch systems in the concrete industry.

Labeling machine manufacturer implements proactive remote monitoring

Solo Labeller Technology implemented proactive remote monitoring using the Ewon Flexy 205 and Talk2m. This IIoT system provides real-time monitoring, hourly performance trends, and historical data. It also enables automatic email notifications for critical situations and predictive maintenance.