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Klinkmann uses HMS Networks’ wireless expertise to improve warehouse efficiency

Discover how Klinkmann partnered with HMS Networks to establish robust wireless connectivity throughout their premises.


Klinkmann had been suffering from poor wireless connectivity in their warehouses, resulting in lost time and growing frustration. After seeking guidance from HMS’ Networks wireless experts, Klinkmann strategically deployed Anybus access points to establish reliable wireless connectivity throughout their premises, enabling them to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.


Introduction to Klinkmann

Klinkmann, the leading Finnish supplier of industrial automation and electrification solutions, specializes in machine and production automation, industrial data communication, IoT, electrical panel components, and energy solutions. Klinkmann’s solutions and services help customers improve their products and digitize operations.


The need for reliable wireless connectivity

Klinkmann was relying on standard IT access points to establish wireless connectivity throughout their vast warehouses. However, the access points struggled to maintain a reliable connection, leading to wasted time and mounting frustrations among staff. When you see the scale of the warehouse - with its 8-meter-high ceilings, concrete walls, and numerous metal shelves storing electronic equipment - it becomes clear why the access points had difficulty providing a stable wireless signal. The warehouse’s environment was rife with potential interference factors, weakening the connectivity.

Seeking to improve warehouse efficiency, Klinkmann recognized they needed to improve the reliability of their wireless connection throughout their warehouses. Their objective was to enable the seamless use of handheld devices for efficient inventory management and to instruct the Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) to collect specified items.


By strategically deploying the Anybus access points, Klinkmann achieved robust wireless connectivity throughout the warehouse, enabling them to improve warehouse efficiency and productivity.


Wireless expertise and robust access points

 Establishing reliable wireless connectivity in an industrial environment requires expertise and robust equipment. Happily, HMS was able to provide both through its products and services. HMS began by conducting a predictive site survey to assess signal coverage, identify optimal locations for access points, and mitigate potential interference. By following HMS’ expert advice, Klinkmann strategically placed the access points throughout the warehouse, ensuring seamless connectivity across the vast premises.

HMS supplied the necessary equipment to guarantee reliable wireless connectivity. Klinkmann opted for the Anybus Wireless Access Point IP67 with Mesh – a robust solution specifically designed to withstand the challenges of harsh industrial environments.

Sami Nuorala, a pre-sales engineer at Klinkmann, explains their decision, “We chose HMS as we know they provide robust products and excellent support. Moreover, HMS had the access points readily available, which was not the case with every company due to industry-wide component shortages. We opted for the mesh access points as we wanted the advanced technology they offer.“

HMS provided hands-on support throughout the installation process to ensure a smooth setup. Sami highlights, “HMS provided very accurate information and helped with the configuration, as we needed to fine-tune the firmware. The guidance was excellent, and the start-up went very, very well. We strategically installed enough access points to ensure adequate coverage without causing interference between them.”


Result - Improved efficiency and productivity

With the successful implementation of the Anybus Access Points, Klinkmann experienced a significant improvement in warehouse efficiency and overall productivity. The reliable wireless connectivity throughout the warehouse enabled Klinkmann’s employees to seamlessly use handheld devices for efficient inventory management. “The connectivity is much more reliable now,” says Sami. “We can use handheld HMIs throughout the warehouses. This means we can check the stock from any location and send the automated machines to pick up the requested item. The automated machine is like a big bookshelf that goes up and down in the high ceilings to pick up the relevant stock. The whole process is a lot smoother now, more efficient.”

Staff members are also no longer plagued by connectivity issues. Sami emphasizes the project’s success by stating, “It’s very transparent. Nobody complains about the radio anymore. No news is good news. It just works!”



Office connectivity - Extending the success

Impressed by the success in the warehouse, Klinkmann decided to deploy the Anybus mesh access points in their office as well. “It’s not a rough environment in the office like it is in the warehouse, but we wanted to use the same model as it’s easier for us. We can use the Anybus device management tool to manage all the access points from one central location, which is rather nice. Also, the office building contains a lot more metal in the walls than a normal building, so we needed something that could cope with this radio interference’’, Sami explains. “Overall, we’re very happy with the access points and support from HMS,” concludes Sami. “The implementations are working well both in the warehouses and the office, meaning we can be more efficient.”

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Company: Klinkmann

Country: finland 

Year: 2023

Solution: Wireless/cellular infrastructure

Industries: Warehouse and distribution

Products: Anybus Wireless Services and Anybus Wireless Access point IP67 with Mesh

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