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Flexicon: DeviceNet and Profibus connectivity with Anybus CompactCom

Flexicon is a world leader in sterilized filling systems. For their new generation of closed loop peristaltic pump controller, the MC100, they have chosen to implement Anybus CompactCom for multi-network connectivity.


Flexicon is a world leader in sterilized filling systems. For their new generation of closed loop peristaltic pump controller, the MC100, they have chosen to implement a standardized communication solution, the Anybus Compact-Com. This new solution enables data collection from all functions on the entire the filling line and it allows traceability - one of the key issues of the CFR 21 - 11 and GAMP pharmaceutical standards.


We would say that HMS is a much more elegant solution. HMS enables us to standardize our interfaces.

- Watson-Marlow, Flexicon.


Flexicon´s line of business

Flexicon ( was founded in 1986 and has since then specialized in aseptic peristaltic filling systems for pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostic applications. In February 2008 Flexicon joined Watson-Marlow to become a part of the world’s largest group of companies specializing in peristaltic filling and pumping technology. Flexicon is the world leader in filling machines in sterile environments. Watson-Marlow Flexicon is located in Denmark.

A peristaltic pump is a type of positive displacement pump. The fluid is contained within a flexible tube fitted inside a circular pump casing. Since the only part of the pump in contact with the fluid is the interior of the tube, it is easy to sterilize and clean the inside surfaces of the pump.

That makes this kind of pump an excellent solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Furthermore, their lack of valves, seals and glands makes them comparatively inexpensive to maintain and peristaltic pumps also have the advantage of minimizing damage to the fluid.

Open communication

In order to remain in the forefront Flexicon took a decision to upgrad its range of controllers. With todays solution the MC100 communicates with PLC/HMI via an industrial field bus (DeviceNet or Profibus). Users can easily adjust filling parameters or programs via an existing PLC / HMI. It enables data collection from all processes/ functions on the entire the filling lineand offers therefore Watson-Marlow Flexicon’s customers a solution that is following the key issues of the CFR 21-11 and GAMP pharmaceutical standards. The MC100 is a pump control module capable of controlling up to 16 Watson-Marlow Flexicon Pumps.

MC100 is a closed loop peristaltic pump controller capable of managing up to 16 Watson-Marlow Flexicon Pumps. The filled quantity is checked in real time by a scale

Start commands for the individual pump are sent via fieldbus to the MC100 which will convey the start command to the pump. Status signals, warnings and alarms from each pump are available for the filling line control system via the fieldbus integrated in the MC100.

“We have studied the offers of several vendors on the market, but we realized that if we had to change from a communication standard to another, it wouldn’t be so easy. Other solutions were involved but would result in more programming. We would say that HMS is a much more elegant solution. HMS enables us to standardize our interfaces”, states Watson-Marlow Flexicon.


The solution

Peter Greenfort, from Beta Technic APS, the HMS distributor in Denmark, explains: “Anybus CompactCom (AnybusCompactCom) module is intended for OEMs. It provides instant connectivity to all leading fieldbus, industrial Ethernet protocols, serial, USB and wireless networks without the need for any hardware and software changes to your automation device.

The Anybus CompactCom module is compact enough to be integrated on a small electronic card. It will have the same dimensions and the same internal interface whatever the communication standard.

Anybus-CompactCom is built on latest Anybus ASIC technology. Developed in conjunction with and powered wby the “Anybus NP30” network communication processor, Anybus-CompactCom combines high performance and functionality with low power consumption. The high level of integration allows for a smaller size, and extremely competitive pricing. Thus we are adding significant value not only on cost perspective but in terms of shorter time to market as well as increased competitiveness and production flexibility.

Automation devices with an integrated Anybus-CompactCom slot can use any Anybus-CompactCom module. For example, you can simply exchange an Anybus-CompactCom Profibus module with an Anybus-CompactCom EtherNet/IP module and be instantly connected to that network without the need for hardware and software changes in your automation device.




Company: Flexicon

Country: Denmark

Solution: Network connetcivity

Industries: Bulk handling equipment

Products: Anybus CompactCom 40

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