Case study

Ray Castle Hotel & Resort Project

Intesis provided KNX centralized gateways to connect LG units to JUNG’s control system.


Participation in the project

Jung handled the wiring and commissioning of devices for smart building automation solutions. JUNG is a premium supplier of modern building technology. Lighting, blinds, air conditioning, energy, security, door communication, and multimedia - the functional diversity of JUNG systems covers all areas of modern electrical installation.

The cooperation between JUNG and Intesis on Building Automation Projects

JUNG KOREA, founded as an agency in 1999, has been working in the Korean construction market for about 20 years. In the past, it has been a hassle to find certain equipment of overseas brands that can communicate with building control systems.

Since the establishment of the HMS Korea office in 2019, JUNG KOREA can easily access the required products from the Intesis portfolio, being compatible with the main AC makers in the region. The fact that HMS products can control data with complete integration into the KNX network, is a big advantage for us.

Daniel Lee - Country Managing Director at JUNG Korea Electric CO., LTD

In addition to single-family smart home projects, JUNG KOREA also uses commercial applications for room automation in hotel/office building projects, HVAC and energy metering devices are often integrated into KNX systems in those projects. These commercial projects require rooftop installations, small gateway devices that connect fan coils and meters, and they also must be compatible with facilities provided by local manufacturers. And most importantly, it’s essential that gateway devices must be configurable with ETS tools. Therefore, engineers and system integrators must find a product that meets all these conditions to get the project going smoothly.

Why HMS?

HMS gateway products provide high connectivity with KNX system, so it can be used as a standard KNX interface to link with HVAC and metering devices from the other manufacturers that support KNX bus. HMS gateway products (the INTESIS’s KNX protocol converters that support a wide range of functions) are certified by the KNX Association and make it safe for use to a various type of projects.

Projects Implementation

HMS solutions are especially useful when integrating industrial local devices that communicate Modbus with JUNG’s KNX systems and KNX-based products. The HMS converter is an optimized product that enables devices such as Modbus RTU, ASCII, and TCP to be compatible with KNX in the building automation network. This enables the central KNX system to control and monitor Modbus devices such as drives in building installations, HVAC controllers, and measurement sensors. So, those local devices appear as simulated devices in the KNX system, and the commissioning process and the problemsolving process can also be easily performed with the ETS software tool.

HMS’s gateway products that JUNG KOREA has applied in various projects so far work well as a useful communicator that helps dozens of devices and equipment support a variety of industrial applications to connect to the network smoothly. The flexibility to connect to different types of networks (Ethernet/IP, etc.) makes system integration easier and engineers also prefer using those products.

Solutions from HMS used in hospitality projects

JUNG KOREA recently used ‘Intesis LG AC – KNX gateways’ in the ‘Sejong Ray castle hotel’ project. At the project, the hotel solution provided by JUNG was for suites in a premium condominium complex, equipped with high-end products that are automatically controlled by iPads/KNX push-button sensors/thermostats, and motion sensor illumination sensors. It was necessary to automatically control various products by linking them with a single KNX interface.

In the project various local installations such as air conditioning, lighting, and access control devices were configured with ETS software. Because LG Electronics’ air conditioner, famous for its luxury white home appliance brand, was used at the site, converters were essential to be compatible with this. In this situation, the product we chose was ‘Intesis LG Air Conditioner - KNX’. It was a complex site consisting of #A complex and #B Condominium buildings, so there were many things to pay attention to compared to small case of single-family houses. Thanks to the converters’ useful functions to integrate various slaves, it was not that difficult to integrate those local installations into ETS software.

The value that HMS solutions provided

Due to JUNG’s brand characteristics, separate back-end facilities for system compatibility are needed when implementing building automation solutions. In the case of JUNG’s solutions, most of them are based on KNX systems, which can lead to compatibility issues at project sites where third-party systems are used. In this situation, thanks to the HMS brand that acts as a system communicator, JUNG does not need to design or manufacture certain devices and solutions in the other field separately. With the HMS’s product portfolio, which supports a variety of features for system integrators, the JUNG brand was also able to offer products flexibly, focusing only on the brand’s strengths: wiring devices in high-quality design and high-tech KNX solutions.


  • HMS’s products are plug-and-play, allowing us to simply modify some options without having to operate them separately.
  • When we’re carrying out a variety of project types (a simple project that simply implements functions such as air conditioning/lighting, or a complex project that requires a completely integrated total solution such as HVAC/energy metering/multimedia, etc.), HMS’s built-in interface can be easily reconfigured up to the characteristics of project types.
  • HMS products that provide data connectivity between almost all major industrial network equipment and IIoT applications can easily and securely transmit data from various industrial equipment communicating with Ethernet/ fieldbus/serial protocols to IT systems and IoT software.
  • The fact that there is no need to purchase additional facilities is a big advantage in terms of cost efficiency.


  • Intesis AC interfaces for LG to KNX
  • Country: Sejong City, South Korea
  • Company: JUNG Korea Electric CO., LTD

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