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Intesis AC Interfaces for data centers

Data centers require stable temperatures for optimal performance. Standard HVAC systems lack security, energy efficiency, and monitoring. Intesis offers solutions for enhanced control and efficiency.


Data Center’s are the core of our communications, data storage and Applications Servers. They need to maintain a constant temperature to assure the correct behavior of their electrical components.

Even if there’s only one server with a small switch (small office) or a large Data Center, these systems are nowadays critical for our businesses. We need them to perform 24/7 and a system failure can be catastrophic and can lead to a huge loss of money.

That’s why inside Data Center’s we always have HVAC systems installed. Normally the IT maintenance set the temperature in Cool mode and with a setpoint with a low temperature so that the climate is maintained.

For sure, by doing this we are doing something good to keep our systems well, but…

Considerations in a normal HVAC installation:

  • Is this a secure system?
    Surely not. It depends on a remote controller (walled or IR) that someone can change the setpoint, mode or even switch it off by mistake and the room temperature will increase rapidly.
  • What about money and energy savings?
    Without correct configuration, we can waste both, money and energy. Remote Controlled HVAC installations can save up to the 40% of energy! Check out our Success Stories.
  • Do we have feedback from the installation?
    Normally HVAC installations are completely isolated from SCADA/BMS, so no one monitors them ...until we have a problem. With the Intesis AC Interfaces or IntesisHome you have real time feedback of the HVAC status and the error codes and descriptions of them. It helps the maintenance team to be more efficient in solving issues. 

What else:

  • You can increase the HVAC lifetime by setting up a correct behavior of the installation.
  • Load Balancing with HVAC systems: You can balance between 2 splits or more to work every other day and then you can be certain both devices work properly, or based on HVAC failures.
  • Possibility to remove Remote commander.
  • Schedule / Calendar.
  • Events push/email/BMS notifications.
  • Number of working hours.
  • And many other functions.
Solution: HVAC integration

Industries: Building automation

Products: Intesis AC interfaces / AC cloud control

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