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Anybus Communicator Training 

Aim of the course: This workshop will introduce you to the basic concepts of the Anybus Communicator, the associated software tools and how to create a configuration to access your devices.


What will you learn?

  • Introduction to Anybus Communicator and industrial networking concepts
  • Installing and configuring the Anybus Communicator
  • Mapping data to the upper network
  • Testing and debugging your configuration


Outcome: You will leave the course with a good understanding of all the tools available for configuring, fault finding your communication and building a serial to fieldbus project in the Anybus Communicator. 

Workshop costs

For workshop prices, please check your local booking page.


Course location

The training will typically be held at HMS offices, but we can offer them on your premises as well. Please talk to your local sales contact. Find the contact information for your country here.


Training materials

Training materials are included in the price and will be provided after the training session. Each participant receives a certificate after completing the training. 


The training fee includes lunch and refreshments.

Hotel reservation

We can recommend local hotels for all budgets.

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Due to the current situation there are no training workshops scheduled. Please contact you local sales office about the possibilities for (online) training workshops. 


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At this moment our HMS Technical Services team offers a range of online technical training session which you can join for free. 

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HMS Academy offer


Ewon Remote Data (Flexy) Training

Configure your Ewon Flexy IIoT gateway and get started with data logging.

Anybus X-gateway Training

Introducing the basic concepts of the Anybus X-gateways and the software tools required to configure them.

Ewon Remote Management (Netbiter) Training

Teaching the basic skills to install and commission an Ewon Netbiter and connect to the Argos cloud in order to monitor and control remote systems.

Ewon Remote Access (Cosy) Training

The course is an introduction to the Ewon Cosy remote access gateway.



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