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Discover the full potential of HMS products in our workshops!

Realising the full potential of our products!


The HMS Technical Services team is here to help you make the most of your HMS products. We offer technical assistance, training and consulting to help projects move forward efficiently and successfully, from idea to fully implemented and deployed solutions. This saves time, money and increases the quality of your project.

Training offer

By attending a training course, you can be assured of the best results when using our products. When products are used effectively in your applications, you can save valuable resources in development and installation. The workshops combine both theoretical knowledge with practical exercises. Each participant gets hands-on with our products, we can even provide computers if required.

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Every business requirement is different, so we offer a range of training options to suit you;


  • in-house at HMS           

  • on-site at your premises           

  • virtual training

Discover our featured workshops


Ewon Remote Data (Flexy) Training

Configure your Ewon Flexy IIoT gateway and get started with data logging.

Ewon Remote Access (Cosy) Training

The course is an introduction to the Ewon Cosy remote access gateway.

Ewon Remote Management (Netbiter) Training

Teaching the basic skills to install and commission an Ewon Netbiter and connect to the Argos cloud in order to monitor and control remote systems.

Anybus Communicator Training

Discover the associated software tools and how to create a configuration to access your devices.

Anybus X-gateway Training

Introducing the basic concepts of the Anybus X-gateways and the software tools required to configure them.



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Our ‘Training in 60 minutes’ webinars will get your Anybus, Ewon & Intesis devices up and running quickly and efficiently


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