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Denison Technologies integrates HMS Networks’ Edge Gateways into their Power Quality Monitoring Solution

by Tom McKinney | Sep 24, 2020

Denison Technologies, Inc., and HMS Networks, Inc. are pleased to announce a solution bringing both companies’ expertise and technologies together to deliver on the promise of Industrial IoT by improving industrial reliability and reducing unplanned downtime through continuous power monitoring.


Denison Technologies Award Winning Application

Denison’s award-winning SaaS-based application is designed to measure and monitor power and energy in real-time – offering industrial and manufacturing operators the ability to capture, report, and act on power events overlooked by traditional MES solutions. Denison’s application supports nearly all standard industrial-grade protocols and operates with almost all power systems providers such as Siemens, Rockwell Automation, Socomec, and Fluke including current legacy systems. Denison’s multi-vendor application supports an unlimited number of users and locations allowing operators the ability to monitor power crucial to a specific machine, line, plant, or across the enterprise.


“Poor power is often the unseen cause of asset failure and unplanned downtime. Our analytics application demonstrates quickly what is happening and how to improve power crucial to ongoing operations. HMS Networks products offer our team best-in-class secure, reliable, and easily configured data transport solutions enabling remote data analysis, interpretation, and customer impact,” says Dianne Denison, CEO of Denison Technologies.


HMS Networks offers a broad range of easy to use communications hardware for data telemetry solutions. HMS Ewon gateways allow Denison Technologies to offer their power and energy application and expertise to a substantially larger global market of large operators, strategic distributors, and channel partners. “Our connect it yourself customer engagement model has been critical over the last 6 months as onsite visits have been limited,” says Dianne Denison, CEO.


HMS is pleased to support Denison Technologies’ Power Quality and Energy Platform. “Denison Technologies is a great example of pairing engineering expertise with data to create value. In this case the raw data has been available for years and it takes an innovative company like Denison to develop a cost-effective way to extract that value,” says Kevin Knake, Executive Vice President and General Manager HMS Networks.


Who is HMS Networks...

HMS is the leading independent supplier of products for industrial communication, with the product brands Anybus®, Ixxat®, Intesis® and Ewon®. HMS’ company motto is Connecting Devices™ which is the foundation for industrial communication and automation, as well as the Industrial Internet of Things, IIoT. HMS’ communication solutions connect industrial devices and machines to different industrial networks, control systems and IoT software, enabling the devices and machines to be controlled and monitored within factories as well as remotely.


Who is Denison Technologies...

Denison Technologies, Inc. is a Delaware-based corporation, headquartered in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Denison develops and delivers software-based applications for license, engineering, and real-time monitoring services to improve industrial reliability, profitability, and competitiveness. Denison was nominated and awarded “one of the top 10 in manufacturing intelligence” for 2 consecutive years by their industry peers.


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