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HMS stands for Hardware Meets Software. Our technology enables industrial hardware to communicate and share information with software and systems.
Industrial Router: Ewon Flexy

Reliability through Digitalization

The Food and Beverage OEMs faces a unique challenge. Create a reliable and flexible machine under budget and fast to market.

Their end user's process typically runs the machine 24/7 with any machine downtime costing significant revenue loss. Capacity may increase or decrease dramatically, and your machine will need to adapt. As well, labor shortages increase your machines need for ease of use and ease of maintenance. HMS' Ewon brand connects your machines data to the users, engineers and designers who can need the data fast, increasing your OEE, easily tracking maintenance, and increasing your overall machine health.

Remote Connectivity and Data Monitoring for Food and Beverage machinery

In 2019 HMS conducted a survey of machine builders at several top industry trade shows

From this survey only 15% of machine builders are offering some form of remote access capabilities as an option for their customers. Of those surveyed, limited resources to implement a cohesive plan and security concerns where of the top detractors. Knowing the limitless benefits this functionality can offer business’s, it is HMS’s goal to help navigate this digital transformation by offering products and solutions that are easy to use, easy to implement, scalable, and security focused to protect the assets of both machine builder and end user.



On-Demand Remote Connectivity to reduce operational costs

The award winning Ewon Cosy enables machine builders to troubleshoot their machines without going on-site, drastically reducing support costs, improving customer responsiveness, and increasing machine up-time. With the low cost and ease of deployment ROI is often noticed immediately, typically within the commissioning phase.

  • Deploy PLC updates faster
  • Keep technicians engaged by drastically reducing number of on-site visits
  • Mitigate breakdowns and machine failures

Ewon Cosy

Control Designs #1 Choice for Remote Access five years in a row: 

Ewon Cosy

Remote Access Webinar

Discover how easy it is to remotely service your machine with the Ewon Cosy.

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Remote Access Ebook

Download a copy of  Secure Industrial Remote Access for Dummies

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On-Premise Data Monitoring to grow your business

With the Ewon Flexy you can collect pieces of data from any PLC and locally store them. By calling on one of the many protocols our gateway supports, you can easily access and visualize the data for monitoring purposes optimizing machine performance and detecting issues before they impact the production line.

  • Monitor machine performance and OEE with live KPI’s
  • Connect legacy equipment to ERP, MES, SCADA …
  • Reduce IT integration with costs with OPC UA
  • Easily communicates HACCP datasets
  • Improve customer satisfaction by detecting issues before they impact the production line

Ewon Flexy

Give life to all your IIoT projects with the Ewon Flexy Edge Gateway

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Learn how you can leverage the Flexy router to diagnose and solve problems remotely

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Industrial Wireless Connectivity

Create a reliable and flexible machine under budget and fast to market using Bluetooth or WLAN.

  • Easily integrate wireless communication in minutes with current or legacy machines 
  • Replace long ethernet runs up to 400 meters
  • Improve operator safety and eliminate the need to open the cabinet by connecting wirelessly

Anybus Wireless Bolt

Wireless machine connectivity

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Anybus Wireless Bridge

Ethernet cable replacement

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Case Study

Wireless technology makes life easier

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Industrial network Connectivity 

  • Easy to use solutions for solving Control System network protocol incompatibility across multiple Vender products.
  • Integrate legacy devices easily into newer, ethernet based control networks.
  • Additions to your machine can be matched regardless of network type.
  • Only add the data you need for your machine, software makes integration easy.

Machine Builders

Machine builders use the Anybus X-Gateways and Communicators to integrate any industrial device into their machines:

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Gateway Solutions

Our Gateway solutions provide network connectivity, and more!

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Our collection of gateways are easy to configure and map

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Success Story

"The capability is available, and helps us more quickly understand the customer’s issue and shorten the resolution of most issues without expensive house calls."                        - Joe Reilly, Comtec Industries


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Security is our #1 priority. Learn more about our IT Accepted ISO certified defense in-depth approach here:

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