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Enabling Digital Transformation at the Edge


HMS offers a broad portfolio industrial edge communications solution enabling secure, reliable and easy integration with Operational Technology (OT) devices - and interoperability to Information Technology (IT) systems. With over 30 years in the industry and over 7 Million devices sold, HMS provides the experience and stability to take the risk out of your Digital Transformation journey. Learn more about who is HMS Networks here!


The Path to Digital Transformation Begins as the Industrial Edge:

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HMS IoT Products

HMS enables valuable data by connecting devices in a secure and easy way - allowing our customers to increase productivity and sustainability.


Edge Gateways for Industrial IoT

Bring true Edge Intelligence and versatile Cloud Connectivity to industrial equipment


Machine to Machine Communications

Solve network connectivity problems on the factory floor with HMS Networks protocol converter gateways


Industrial Embedded Solutions

Make your devices talk fieldbus or industrial Ethernet with Anybus Embedded Products

Manufacturing Industry Challenges

HMS Networks understand the challenges in manufacturing, both from the perspective of the OEM Machine Builder (or device manufacturer) as well as the end users in the factories and plants.

Lets's take a deeper dive into the pains and solutions:

  • End User Challenges

  • Device/ Machine OEM Challenges

  • HMS Edge Enabled Solution

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HMS gateways


Most controllable problems can be addressed starting at the Edge

Device/Machine OEM

  • Reduce Warranty Costs
  • Increase machine availability
  • Reduce Operational costs (avoid service trips)
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase consumable sales
  • Differentiate from competitor (new services)
  • Rapid technology shift (IT/OT Convergence)

Device Manufacturers

End User

  • Unplanned Downtime
  • Maximizing Utilization/Availability
  • On Time Delivery
  • Aging Workforce
  • Cyber security

End Users

Edge Enabled Solutions

edge enabled solutions

How HMS Enables Smart Manufacturing

Smarter Operations- Reducing complexity of integration of OT equipment breaks down a key barrier between system silos. By creatubg data transparency, disparate automation systems can operate with fewer blind spots.

  • Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

  • Reduce Personnel costs

  • Sustainability/Energy

  • Stay Safer, Compliant

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smart maintenance

  Smart Maintenance

   -   Condition Monitoring

   -   Machine Learning

   -   Predictive Maintenance

   -   Overall Equipment Effectiveness         

Maintenance/Smart Reliability in decreasing unplanned downtime, increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), and reducing repair costs through predictive maintenance


  Smart Service

   -   Remote Services

   -   Life Cycle Management                         

   -   Asset Management

   -   Warranty Validation     

Smart Service including reducing warranty costs, building higher margin remote services – all with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction


Smart information

  Smart Information

   -   Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)      

   -   Business IQ

   -   Digital Twin

   -   Analytics

Sustainability – Reducing environmental impact leveraging energy management and carbon footprint reduction, for example by reducing CO2 through reduced travel costs


  Smart Safety

   -   Basic Digitization

   -   Remote Monitoring

   -   Early Warning Systems

   -   Regulatory Compliance                          

Safety/Compliance – Leveraging basic digitization and early warning indicators to enable reaction time to avoid government rule violations – as well as critical awareness of impending serious incidents


  Smart Sustainability

   -   Energy Management

   -   Resource Management

   -   Sustainability Index

   -   Regulatory Compliance                          

IT Integration – IT friendly technologies and processes to allow for information flow to on prem, enterprise and cloud systems to provide broader context and true distillation of just-in-time business insights


  Smart Operation

   -   Production Optimization (OEE)           

   -   AR/VR

   -   Quality Control


Smarter Operations – Reducing complexity of integration of OT equipment breaks down a key barrier between system silos. By creating data transparency, disparate automation systems can operate with fewer blind spots

 eliminate downtime         reduce costs

Eliminate Unplanned Downtime

Increase reliability with OEE and Predictive Maintenance


Reduced Personnel Costs

Leverage secure remote access for remote troubleshooting

 reuse         factory safety

Save Energy

Do not waste your power with asset optimization


Safe & Compliant

Wipe out unnecessary risk with early awareness

HMS IoT Solutions

HMS Edge solutions directly solve for and are often key in enabling the Smart Factory challenges.

HMS Edge solutions for IoT include:

  • Remote Asset Monitoring

  • Easy, Secure Remote access

  • OT/IT Integration and Analytics

  • Predictive Maintenance/ OEE

  • Machine as a Service (XaaS)

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Remote Asset Monitoring

HMS IoT gateways provide easy secure connectivity to assets beyond the 4 walls of the plant. Isolated equipment is traditionally too difficult or too expensive to access. Leveraging wired or wireless (WiFi or Cellular) connectivity to remote assets liberates the data from these remote islands of information.


Easy, Secure Remote Access

Drastically reduce trips to customer sites by enabling service technicians to easily VPN into machines through Award winning [link to control design page] Remote Access technologies which provide transparent access to a device, like a PLC, for troubleshooting and programming – as if directly connected – and IT approved!


OT/IT Integration

Break down functional silos and deliver actionable insights by transparently connecting traditionally proprietary equipment into IT/Enterprise/Cloud systems through industry standard technologies like MQTT, OPCUA and Rest Web Services APIs.

predictive maintenance

Predictive Maintenance / OEE

Smart Reliability programs are founded on the premise that historical routine based maintenance do not detect most failures, and are often too early or too late. Condition based monitoring enables early warning indicators which are an essential component of an overall equipment effectiveness program. Moving beyond “seeing” to ‘predicting’ is entirely possible once the basic data insights and failure modes are enabled and understood.


XaaS / Machine as a Service

As hardware margins continue to erode, the burden is on the service organization to innovate with new outcome based solutions. Disruptive Pay as You Go and “X” (your value) as a service models are certain to rapidly change the landscape of how customers value suppliers. End users are also starting to shift to Opex vs Capex buying to reduce risks and remain nimbler to ever changing market conditions.

Case Studies

Our customers speak for us when it comes to the quality and dedication we give to them, see all of our success stories.

HMS enables Digital Transformation from the Industrial Edge.

Where are you on your Digital Transformation Journey?

The path to Digital Transformation is not without risks. For many companies the sting of the reality of IoT implementations has not lived up to the promise of the hype. Too many systems have to come together with a variety of stakeholders across numerous partners.

HMS provides ‘one back to pat’ with true end to end technologies and proven track record of success. Whether you have tried and failed – or are looking for a partner to show you the safe path – HMS has the experience and products to take the risk out of your journey. How? Virtually all of the IoT value starts at the Industrial Edge.

HMS is best in class as providing both OT Connectivity and OT integration solutions. We help you easily connect, quickly see what is happening, reveal insights and enable the integration via solution partners to ultimately realize the Digital Transformation dream of prediction, pro-action and business changing outcome-based services.

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digitalization path

HMS IoT Technology

HMS specialized in integration and connectivity to industrial devices. A broad portfolio of technologies including embedded and box solutions all converge around the primary purpose of making it easier for our customers to do business. Click arrow for more...

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OT Device Connectivity -

With over 50 industrial protocols and fieldbuses, HMS makes it easy to connect to almost any industrial device.

Edge Services -

HMS provides end to end solutions, not just point products. Our portfolio ensures virtually any machine can:

  • Easily Connect

  • Secure Communications - leveraging industry standard security methodologies like OpenVPN, SSL, TLS Encryption, Star Certification and ISO27001 approved. See more about our security strategy.

  • Analyze - Actionable insights are a crucial component of any operational system. HMS offers solutions for both local (on-prem) and cloud-based analytics – so decisions can be made when and where they matter most. 

  • Manage - No IoT system is mature until it is easily manageable and scalable. HMS provides user-based roles to ensure easy, secure provisioning, configuration and monitoring of key device settings.

  • Integrate - There is no IoT without “IT”. HMS provides transparent connectivity with Enterprise IT and IoT platforms via industry standard interfaces and flexible custom APIs including Rest Web Services. HMS takes the guesswork out of integration with standard connectors to Ecosystem companies like OSIsoft PI System, Microsoft Azure IoT, AWS IoT, Rockwell Automation’s PTC Thingworks, Siemens Mindsphere, Inductive Automation’s Ignition, and more.

End to End Edge Security

Security is a top priority at HMS. By balancing both security and ease of use, HMS creates best-in-class solutions that work for both OT users and IT managers. Our layered approach allows us to ensure end to end security.

Our approach includes:

  • Defense-In-Depth Security

  • Industry Standard Development Process Validation

  • Platform Validation

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layered security HMS Networks

secure cloud                  

Defense-In-Depth Security Approach

  • TLS Encryption
  • Certificate exchange between device and cloud trust
  • Comprehensive user management and authentication with two-factor
  • Registered user ID required for API developer access

Development Process Validation

  • Internal development and security practices certified to IOS27001

security certificate                  

Star certified                   

  Platform Validation

  • STAR certified by Cloud Security Alliance
  • External penetration testing by independent body

Custom Design Services

Providing Engineering Services, Technical Support and Training

HMS takes the risk out of ‘Do it yourself’ IoT implementations. Let our experience custom development team integrate solutions – so you have the confidence the solution will work now and into the future – as we solve the problem natively in our products.

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With a broad range of solution partners, HMS takes the risk out of the IoT journey by providing a better together approach.

Our Solution Partners assist you with innovative IoT software solutions using HMS' industrial hardware for performance


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