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Galvanic protection of CAN components

EM effects that lead to voltage peaks or external events such as lightning strikes can be taken into account during the planning of CAN(FD) networks. The use of suitable components can ensure that damage to network nodes is avoided, thus preventing expensive down times due to faulty components or trouble-prone data communication.

Whitepaper - Galvanic protection of CAN components

This whitepaper focuses on making Controller Area Network (CAN) systems work better by using galvanic isolation. It explains how galvanic isolation reduces interference from other devices, helps in choosing the right cables, and uses special tools to strengthen and secure the network.

Content overview

  • Introduction to galvanic isolation in CAN systems.
  • Benefits of using galvanic isolation for noise reduction.
  • Guidelines for selecting appropriate cables and wiring.
  • Implementing repeaters and bridges.
  • Practical tips for improving overall CAN system performance.

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