Certified PROFIBUS Installer + Troubleshooting & Maintenance ($1995)

Classroom On-site
10 Sep 2024 - 11 Sep 2024
Chicago,  United States of America
A practical workshop covering PROFIBUS troubleshooting and maintenance.


An internationally accredited course covering PROFIBUS network installation + Troubleshooting & Maintenance

This two-day course combines a Certified Profibus Installer plus our highly requested Troubleshooting & Maintenance curriculum.

Day one covers the basic yet essential information for anyone who is working with PROFIBUS at a technical level: designers, commissioning engineers, maintenance technicians, and of course installers.

Day two covers advanced topics for commissioning, health analysis, scope interpretation, and fault finding on operational PROFIBUS systems.

Successful completion of this course and related tests also provides an essential pre-requisite to the more advanced Certified PROFIBUS Engineer Course.


What will I learn in the course?

  • Basic PROFIBUS DP and PA network technology, station types, and addressing, network configuration and start-up
  • Interference pickup (EMC), cable routing and earthing considerations, earth potential problems and their avoidance
  • Causes, effects, and avoidance of transmission-line reflections and the importance of correct line termination
  • Network and segment size, layout limitations, and the effect of transmission rate
  • Common wiring and layout pitfalls, modern cable and connector systems
  • Correct use of repeaters, couplers, link modules, and fiber-optic segments
  • Considerations for network maintenance and commissioning
  • Wiring and installation testing, and the use of PROFIBUS test tools Network configuration and the use of GSD files
  • The use of PROFIBUS analyzers/monitoring tools to audit a networks
  • The practical use of a PROFIBUS analyzer
  • Qualification criteria for PROFIBUS networks


Attendees will receive a certificate from PROFI International (PI) after successfully completing the course and accompanying tests (practical application + theory).

Course Details:

Training method: Presentation and hands-on workshops.

Cost: $1995

Duration: 2 days, including practical and theory exams.

Prerequisites: None.




10 Sep 2024 - 11 Sep 2024
Chicago, United States of America