Certified PROFIBUS Engineer

Classroom On-site
19 Jun 2024 - 20 Jun 2024
Breemes,  Belgium
An internationally accredited in-depth course covering PROFIBUS network analysis, commissioning, and live fault-finding.


Who should attend the course?

This 2-day, hands-on course covers the detailed theory of PROFIBUS DP network operation and what goes on in a PROFIBUS network.

You will learn about the telegrams that pass between PROFIBUS devices, how the network is configured and started up, and how the network deals with conflicts and other errors. A high-speed analyser is used to capture and interpret telegrams and an oscilloscope to quickly diagnose and locate a wide range of faults. You will see practical examples showing the effects of failed devices, wiring and layout faults, configuration errors, etc. 

The course is suitable for anyone who is working at a technical level in automation and control systems. Because this is an intensive course, we require attendees to be qualified up to Certified PROFIBUS Installer standard and have completed the PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Maintenance Course.

However, don't worry if you are not qualified to this level: we always run both courses immediately before the engineer course so you can take all three in the same week.

Note: We also offer a one-day Certified course covering the PROFIBUS PA technology as an extension to this course. Contact us for more details.


What will I learn on the course?

  • Capture and interpret telegrams
  • Diagnose and locate a range of physical and logical faults
  • Identify failed devices, wiring and layout faults
  • Use the oscilloscope to identify EMI and reflection-related issues
  • The benefits of using a class-2 master to support a PROFIBUS network
  • Properly perform a network health check


Course details

Training method: Presentation and hands-on workshops.

Duration: 2 days, including practical and theory exams.

Prerequisites: PROFIBUS Installer certificate, PROFIBUS Troubleshooting & Maintenance Course.




19 Jun 2024 - 20 Jun 2024
Breemes, Belgium