Introducing the OEM Toolbox - create your own IIoT communication gateway 


HMS’s OEM Toolbox provides device and machine manufacturers with a toolkit for creating your own Industrial IIoT edge communication gateway. Manufacturers benefit from industrially pre-qualified communication gateways and existing certifications and approvals when developing a customized communication solution. 

Customize and adapt the functionality of HMS's proven and trusted industrial communication gateway technology, to tailor and suit your own industrial communication needs.

Leverage on HMS certified hardware

HMS’s OEM Toolbox is an open development platform that offers OEM customers the possibility to develop their own application to run within the Linux environment of HMS industrial gateways.

A software development kit (SDK) for the Open Gateway Platform contains development tools for software engineers and enables the creation of customized applications for the gateways included in the OEM Toolbox offer.


Realize your own IIoT ambitions

Using the SDK, it is possible to quickly develop new connectivity solutions to fulfill traditional automation tasks as well as realizing emerging IIoT applications. The functionality of the gateway can be tailormade for a specific application. Proprietary communication protocols, tailored control applications, IT/OT bridges, edge computing, etc.. can all be directly loaded into the gateways provided by HMS.

The toolkit also enables connectivity to IoT software platforms such as ThingWorks, SAP, Microsoft Azure, Oracle since standard SDK agents have been pre-verified with the gateways.


The value of OEM Toolbox

  • Create your specific solution based on certified hardware and software from HMS  

  • Choice of readily available industrially certified hardware

  • Software development tools pre-prepared for an easy application development

  • Reduced time to ROI 

  • A common development environment and Linux base which is maintained and updated

  • Pre-qualified and maintained implementations of industrial communication protocols

  • Cost efficient manufacturing with high product quality and preloaded firmware (optional)

  • HMS expertise and guidance through the development phase and the product life cycle 

What's included


A range of high quality and high performing industrial communication gateways with different communication ports (industrial Ethernet, cellular 2G/3G, CAN, Serial RS232/RS485 and digital/analog I/O) making it possible to select the gateway that is most efficient for a specific project.



The included Software Development Kit (SDK) contains development tools for software engineers enabling the creation of customized applications for the gateways. The SDK contains:

  • C-based SDK toolchain for application development
  • Power-up and access linux kernel and web interface
  • Sandboxed development area for custom application


IP stacks

  • Modbus RTU / TCP, J1939, EtherNet/IP
  • Binaries with JSON / ZeroMQ API


Brand Labelling

The OEM Toolbox gateway is prepared for customer branding. By default, all gateways are "white labeled hardware" which means they are without product brand definitions allowing you to customize the look and feel to meet your requirements.

technical services

Additional services from HMS

Development services through HMS Solution Centers

If you have no time to develop your custom application, HMS is able to offer development services through the HMS Solution Centers. Competent development teams with many years’ experience in industrial connectivity solutions, who can work with you to help create your custom-made solution.


Manufacturing and production rollout

Once your solution has been developed and field tested, HMS offers full manufacturing capabilities of the highest standards as an option for you. We can bring the solution into volume manufacturing, where you can benefit from the experience of the HMS supply team. The products can be preloaded with your tailored application and shipped worldwide according to your requirements.

Compare the Hardware


Order Code:  OEM-NB301A

Robust industrial gateway with metal housing with Dual-port Ethernet, 2x Serial 1x CAN interface, Digital I/O and cellular and GPS capabilities.


Order Code:  OEM-NB301B

Robust industrial gateway with metal housing with Dual-port Ethernet, 2x Serial 1x CAN interface and Digital I/O

More information




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