HMS Networks’ Anybus CompactCom Raspberry Pi Adapter Board compatible with Raspberry Pi 5!

12 Jun 2024 at 22:00
By Andreas Johansson
Product News

Last year, HMS Networks launched the Raspberry Pi adapter board, providing manufacturers with a simplified method to test and evaluate the Anybus CompactCom, a ready-made communication interface that connects devices to any industrial network. 

Since then, the optimized Raspberry Pi 5, with its new I/O controller RP1, has been released to the world. This has sparked the question: is the Anybus CompactCom Raspberry Pi Adapter Board compatible with Raspberry Pi 5? Yes! The latest version of the free-to-download Host Application Example Code (HAEC) is designed to be used with all Raspberry Pi models that incorporate the 40-pin GPIO header. 

Andreas Johansson, Anybus Embedded Field Application Engineer at HMS Networks, says, "Our initial release of the Raspberry Pi adapter board sparked a huge interest among our CompactCom users. We want to retain that interest by keeping up with the technological evolution. It should be exciting to use products from Anybus!" 

HMS Networks also provides adapter boards for the evaluation of Anybus CompactCom modules on other platforms, such as the STM32H7 Nucleo.

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