Share information

The HMS share has been listed on the NASDAQ OMX Stockholm Mid Cap list, in the Information Technology sector, since 19 October 2007. The ISIN code is SE0002136242. Shares are traded under the HMS ticker. A trading lot is 1 share.


Ownership structure

As of June 30, 2021 HMS Networks AB (publ) had approximately 6,081 shareholders.


HMS's 10 largest shareholders Shares Share of votes & capital 
Investment AB Latour 12,109,288 25.9 %
Staffan Dahlström 6,091,459 13.0 %
SEB Fonder 4,152,216 8.9 %
AMF Försäkring och Fonder 3,380,317 7.2 %
Swedbank Robur Fonder 2,932,604  6.3 %
Handelsbanken Fonder
1,692,628  3.6 %
State Street Bank & Trust 1,421,305  3.0 %
Första AP-fonden 1,169,430  2.5 %
Livförsäkringsbolaget Skandia
998,078 2.1 %
The Northern Trust Company 618,904  1.3 %
Others 12,252,639 26.2 %
Total 46,818,868 100.0 %




Analysts monitoring HMS Networks on an on-going basis:

Danske Bank,
Viktor Högberg

Fredrik Stenkil

Joachim Gunell

Number of shares and share capital

HMS has a total of 46,818,868 shares. Share capital amounts to SEK 1,170,472. All shares have the same voting rights.



Dividend policy 

HMS’s policy is to pay annual dividend between 30-50% of Earnings Per Share.

Dividend per share, year*
2020   2019  2018  2017 2016
SEK 2.00  0.00  1.80  1.50 1.00


* Key ratios have been recalculated based on the 4:1 share split in the second quarter of 2017.

Joakim Nideborn

My perspective

-Why invest in HMS

Over the past decade, HMS has grown by an average of over 20 % per year.

The foundation of our business is a large base of Design Wins, which generate recurring business for HMS every year. In addition, HMS has high exposure to trends such as the Industrial Internet of Things and digitalization in general.

The combination of a stable cash flow and favorable trends positions HMS well for continuing profitable growth.
Joakim Nideborn – CFO


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Five reasons to invest in HMS

With a business concept in line with the future and a proven track record of innovation, HMS is a company aiming for future growth.
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Financial Information

Over the past decade, HMS has grown by an average of over 20 % per year. Learn more about the HMS stock and our financial development.

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HMS has excellent opportunities for continued growth into the future. View our latest financial reports or browse our extensive report database.
How HMS is governed

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is instrumental in the development of HMS' shareholder values and investor confidence. Learn more on how HMS is governed.