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Power and Energy 

Each year renewable energy sources support a higher percentage of our worldwide energy needs.  These volatile energy sources require a more flexible power grid.  The grid must adapt real time to the changing demands of energy users and varying outputs green energy producers to optimize costs provide clean, reliable power. 

Real-time communications between every significant energy consumer and producer is required to optimize a power grid dominated by renewable resources.


Application: Smart Grid connectivity for Demand Response and Virtual Power Plants

Former power grids were built in the last century under the assumptions that energy flows in one direction — from the power plant to the consumer, that fuel-based power generation is constant, and that the grid is centralistic, i.e. power generation takes place at few power plants.

Smart Grids are quite the opposite. They are based on many Distributed Energy Resources (DER) like solar or wind plants and energy flows in both directions. Most importantly, renewable energy sources influenced by weather conditions are highly volatile and unpredictable. Communications solutions supporting standards like IEC-61850, IEC-60870, and others will allow energy producers to create the demand response power grid of the future.

Solution: IXXAT Smart Grid Gateways

IXXAT Smart Grid Gateways are designed to connect solar, wind and traditional power producers with high energy consumers (processing plants, discrete manufacturing, light commercial building, and high density residential).

These new IIoT gateways from HMS allow industrial equipment to communicate with power grids. They are designed for Smart Grid communication and specifically target Demand Response (networking of industrial electric loads) and Virtual Power Plants (networking of energy resources like biogas plants or combined heat and power units) applications.

Renewable Energy Application Example

Energy IoT

Benefits of the IXXAT Smart Grid Gateways

Bridge industrial and Virtual Power Plant protocols

HMS’ IXXAT Smart Grid gateways are used to bridge traditional industrial protocols and the protocols defined for the VPP. Factories and process plants are one of the largest energy consumers.  Allowing power control systems to monitor and potential power down portions of factories is a key element of an overall demand response solution.   


Reduce Operating Costs

IXXAT Smart Grid gateway solutions allow renewable energy producers to share their energy production status with a centralized control system. This allows fossil fuel based producers to properly throttle their power generation to produce the appropriate amount of energy at any given point in time. 


Decrease Time to Market

HMS IXXAT SG-Gateways support both IEC 61850 and IEC 60870 power grid communications standards.  In addition, IXXAT SG-Gateways are designed to seamlessly integrate into the VPHready 4.0 VPP system definition. 


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