Industrial Ethernet networks power modern industries

Industrial Ethernet networks

Industrial Ethernet enables robust, deterministic communication in harsh industrial environments. It integrates various devices, ensuring real-time control, security, and seamless connectivity across applications in manufacturing, energy, and transportation.


Why choose Industrial Ethernet networks?

Industrial Ethernet networks offer several advantages over Fieldbus networks, including:

Real-time communication

Achieve ultra-low-latency communication, ensuring timely and synchronized data transfer for time-sensitive industrial processes.


Support various topologies, including star, ring, and bus configurations, enabling adaptable factory layouts and efficient communication between machines.


Higher transfer rates and support for various topologies make Industrial Ethernet networks easier to scale, allowing for the integration of additional devices and systems as your industrial network expands.


Implement industrial Ethernet today

HMS offers products to connect you to any major Industrial Ethernet network including PROFINET, Powerlink, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT, CC-Link IE Field, CC-Link IE TSN, and BACnet/IP.

Choose between a multi-network communication interface that can be embedded into your device or a standalone gateway.

Fieldbus networks - still going strong!

Industrial Fieldbus networks

Although Industrial Ethernet networks offer many benefits, fieldbus networks are still thriving, especially in applications with lower requirements regarding communication speed.

HMS provides products compatible with Fieldbus networks. We offer embedded communication interfaces and gateways for all major Fieldbus networks, including PROFIBUS, Modbus-RTU, DeviceNet, M-Bus, ControlNet, CC-Link, and CAN/CANopen.


What are the key differences between Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus technologies?

Industrial Ethernet and Fieldbus technologies serve as communication protocols in industrial automation, but they differ in several aspects. While Industrial Ethernet offers high-speed communication and flexibility, Fieldbus networks are known for their simplicity and reliability.

Which applications most benefit from using Industrial Ethernet networks?

Any application that requires high-speed communication, real-time capabilities, determinism, flexibility in network topology, or scalability will benefit from Industrial Ethernet networks. This includes application in various industries such as manufacturing and the energy sector.

Which applications can continue to use Fieldbus networks?

If your application is currently utilizing a Fieldbus network and meets its requirements, there's no immediate need to change. Fieldbus networks remain robust and are suitable for applications with lower communication requirements. Again, these applications can be in any industry.

Is it important to monitor the network?

Monitoring the network is crucial, regardless of whether it's an Industrial Ethernet or Fieldbus network. HMS provides a range of Anybus Diagnostic products and services designed to help companies monitor their industrial networks to ensure the network’s health and prevent any unexpected issues. 

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