HMS sourcing

Our supplier base is an integral extension of our global company and our long-term success. Through collaboration with suppliers, we ensure compliance to HMS standards and continuous sustainable improvement, which is both transparent and efficient. 


What collaboration with HMS means:

  • We work with suppliers that accept and comply with HMS code of conduct. We also expect them to pass these values and ethical principles onto their suppliers.

  • We encourage our suppliers to introduce certifiable management systems on quality, the environment and work environment.

  • HMS is committed to providing technical resources to our suppliers to support their development and enable them to fulfil our long-term ambitions related to QCD thereby assuring their competitive advantage in HMS global supply chain.

  • We regularly follow up supplier performance within business ethics, social responsibility and sustainability. If they do not comply with our requirements this can result in demands for improvement or cessation of cooperation.

  • Conducted a global regulatory compliance risk assessment to ensure that all aspects of our global business adhere to our standards of human rights; and, routinely performed audits of our suppliers for compliance with our standards.

  • Suppliers shall only purchase parts/materials to be delivered to HMS as Work directly from authorized sources of supply. Authorized sources of supply include the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM), the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM);

    The OCM/OEM authorized distributor chain, and sources with the express written authority of the OCM/OEM or current design activity, including original raw material and/or hardware manufacturers, authorized aftermarket manufacturers, approved suppliers, authorized resellers, authorized suppliers, and the manufacturer-authorized distributors. 

HMS supplier requirements 

HMS Supplier requirements are applicable to all purchased product unless otherwise specified in the purchase order. Written approval from HMS is required for any exceptions to the requirements listed in each document and must be received prior to purchase order acceptance. Please contact your Buyer with any questions concerning these requirements.


Legal obligations

There are laws that HMS must have processes to ensure, as the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation that limits certain substances and / or require that manufacturers and suppliers provide information on topics covered by the restrictions. Our suppliers must comply with the latest versions of lists of materials with restricted use and, on request, provide declarations of compliance for materials and products delivered to HMS.


Our commitment

HMS is a supplier to customers who must report under the Dodd Frank Act, Section 1502 of the United States. By that reason, our suppliers are expected to support HMS conflict minerals policy, which includes providing information on their due diligence process as well as the source and origin of conflict minerals in the supply chain.

HMS Sourcing Team
The HMS sourcing team at the Electronica Trade Show, Germany

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