What quality means to us

Quality is at the heart of the HMS offering. At the end of the day, it is the quality and functionality of our products that enable our business.

What sustainability means to us

HMS enables industrial devices to communicate for a more productive and sustainable world. We combine growth and profitability ambitions with environmental and social responsibility.

Our primary environmental goal: CO2 Net Positive in 2025

- Staffan Dahlström, President and CEO

HMS Quality and Sustainability


These things just have to work!

HMS products are used in business-critical applications where quality, longevity and sustainabilty are key. We work according to the ISO 9001 certified quality system and we currently have an on-time delivery rate of 98%. Field returns are at 0,02%. These are good numbers, but we aim to improve. 


Three focus areas for sustainability

HMS has defined three sustainability focus areas grounded in the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Environment, responsible business, and employee engagement.


Minimizing climate impact in our operations


Business ethics and social responsibility


Personal and professional development

A complete sustainability report is presented each year as an integrated part of the Annual Report. The sustainability report has been prepared in accordance with GRI Standards, Core option, and in accordance with the provisions of chapters 6 and 7 of the Swedish Annual Accounts Act.

1. Environment — Minimizing climate impact in our operations

Long-term sustainable business is conducted with the environment and climate in mind, and climate impact is one of HMS focus areas going forward. HMS primary climate impact comes from material extraction, production and transports. To guide material selection, suppliers and resource management, HMS has established an environmental policy.

HMS Group Environmental Policy

Goal: 100% renewables

“During 2020, our Anybus and Ixxat Business Units used 100% renewable energy, and the Ewon Business Unit increased its share of renewable energy from 10% to 70%. Our aim is that all energy consumption within our business shall come from renewable energy sources.”

Theres Borssén
Quality and Sustainability Coordinator


Ongoing sustainability initiatives at HMS
















How we minimize environmental impact


The HMS effect

HMS’s main contribution to sustainable development is offering products that make energy savings possible and reduces the amount of travelling needed for service inspections.

Using automated processes and intelligent industrial communication enables more efficient energy consumption in industrial equipment, such as motor controls, pumps and fan systems.

Intelligent remote control of equipment provides energy savings, both through more efficient operation and a reduced need for site visits for inspection.

3 ways HMS products reduce carbon footprint


HMS products

HMS follow applicable regulations regarding environment and work with improvements with the ambition to decrease the environmental influence.

Metals and Chemicals

HMS products include electronics which contain metals and chemicals that can be harmful to the environment and health, but HMS is committed keeping use to an absolute minimum.

Our products meet the requirements of the RoHS directive on the restriction of dangerous substances. Any exemptions that may apply are defined in HMS RoHS Declaration.

Some of HMS products contain substances that are included in the REACH Candidate List. In cases where the concentration exceeds 0.1% w/w, we ensure that applicable requirements are met, we pass the information on to customers, and notify ECHA (the SCIP database).

We are constantly in close cooperation with our suppliers to find ways to eliminate the use of these SVHCs (Substances of Very High Concern) and replace them with less dangerous substances or technologies. 

REACH Declaration

RoHS Declaration



HMS’s ambition is to reduce the amount of waste and increase the share that goes to recycling.

HMS has reviewed the use of materials in packaging processes and replaced plastic materials with paper materials in parts of the packaging process. Plastic materials in packaging processes will continue to be phased out as long as it is technically possible and do not affect the product’s functionality. 

All products that HMS supplies for installation at end customers are covered by the WEEE Directive and are marked with the WEEE symbol (the crossed out thrash bin).

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Highlight: Growing wind power business in China


During 2020, HMS has seen a great upswing in our business in China. HMS products are often used in the rapid expansion of Chinese wind power — an important part of the sustainability strategy that China has adopted to achieve zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.


Highlight: Ewon products reduce service trips


By using our Ewon solutions to remotely access and manage industrial equipment, we estimate that customers have been able to reduce their environmental impact by approximately 839,000 tons of CO2 in 2020 — an increase of 36% compared to the previous year.

How we have calculated: We have looked at remote connections to our Talk2M service lasting more than fifteen minutes. From these connections, we have estimated the number of service trips that would have been needed instead of the remote sessions, and compared it with the emissions that would have been caused by these trips.

2. Responsible Business — Ethics and social responsibility

HMS has established controlled working conditions throughout the value chain — contributing to societal development in places where HMS is active with its own operations or via partners. This also means taking responsibility for the society in which HMS operates by combating corruption and respecting human rights.


Business principles - Code of Conduct

The HMS Code of Conduct provides guidance on how HMS employees should act ethically and in accordance with the company’s values. It covers key topics such as safe working conditions, responsibility for the environment, anti-corruption principles, ethics in relationships with customers and suppliers and interaction with the society.


Code of Conduct

Supplier Code of Conduct



HMS has zero tolerance for bribery and corruption and the Code of Conduct clearly states that employees and subcontractors shall not participate in, or promote, corruption and must act ethically and responsibly throughout HMS’s value chain.


Human rights

Human rights play a significant part in the HMS Code of Conduct. HMS supports and respects the protection of human rights and guarantees, through internal processes and steering documents, that it is not involved in crimes against human rights. Suppliers, distributors, consultants and other business partners must apply the principles of HMS’s Code of Conduct.


Conflict minerals

Extraction of metals and minerals used in electronic products can pose a risk due to where the material is extracted. HMS policy for conflict minerals provides a guide on how to perform traceability reporting in the supply chain to ensure a conflict-free supply chain.


HMS Conflict Minerals Policy


Customer data

HMS operations involves processing of customer data generated in HMS’s systems and cloud services. HMS respects and protects the customers’ privacy and ensure that data is protected in the best possible way by adapting systems as well as expanding the information about what we store and process. HMS’s cloud solution Talk2M is certified in accordance with ISO27001 for information security.

HMS take appropriate organizational and technical measures to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the personal data and communication data provided, collected and/or stored on our systems according to GDPR.

HMS Privacy Policy

3. Employee engagement — Personal and professional development

HMS offers employees exciting possibilities for personal and professional development in a dynamic, growing and international organization. The company culture is modern and open, where shared values, learning and own responsibility are prioritized.

Constantly working to be an attractive employer, the staff is offered benefits such as wellness grants, physical training and well-being activities, lectures and competence training.

HMS targets to have an employee Net Promotor Score (NPS) above 25 in 2025.


Focus areas for employee engagement



Health & Development

Employee health and well-being are top priorities for the company. HMS supports various health-related activities internationally and is continuously investing in competence training in order for the organization to be up to date with the required skills for the future.



Company Culture

Although HMS is becoming a larger company, it is still important for us to keep the culture of a smaller entrepreneurial company. HMS’ organizational setup with Business and Market Units ensures that teams are not becoming too big and also maintains the entreprenurial feeling.




HMS stages leadership development programs on a continuous basis to develop leaders ensuring modern leadership. International synchronization and sharing on manager level are strengthened by the recurring HMS Leadership Summit.



Diversity & Equality

HMS operates in a field which is traditionally male-dominated. However, HMS strives for increased diversity in all aspects of our business. HMS continuously tracks the male vs female split — for employees in general as well as for managers. 



Responsible tax payer

An international company with subsidiaries all over the world, HMS wants to take local responsibility for its business according to local regulations. Accordingly, HMS does not engage in complex international tax-evasive setups. Taxes are simply paid where HMS generates the business.



Ethics & Anti-corruption

HMS takes pride in being a good employer and fair business partner all over the world. The HMS Code of Conduct includes strictly formulated policies related to business ethics and anti-corruption, which are expected to be followed — both by HMS internally as well as by HMS’ partners in the value chain.

Heart, mind and soul in what we do


Heart, mind and soul is a summary of how we do things (makes for a pretty good abbreviation too).

Heart means collaborating, engaging and taking responsibility for what we do. Mind means building for the future, focusing on sustainable growth and creating win-win situations for us and our partners. By Soul, we mean to dare, drive and inspire when it comes to our working life.

Launched within the framework of the HMS2025 strategy, Heart, Mind and Soul serve as a very important starting point for continuous activities with all employees.







HMS on quality and sustainability

Working environment

"A good and safe working environment is an important strategic issue for HMS Industrial Networks. Our goal is to create a physically, mentally and socially healthy and stimulating workplace for all employees, where risks of workplace injuries and work-related ill health are minimized. All employees should be treated equally."


"As a manufacturing company, HMS works to continually decrease the effect on the environment, both by making our own products as energy efficient as possible, but also by choosing environmentally smart ways of working."


"Continual improvements give satisfied customers and joy of work. Fulfilling customer requirements and continual improvements is a condition for satisfied customers.

Our company shall be characterized by working motivation were everybody can improve their competence and be proud."

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