Hi-tech production of hi-tech products

In modern production facilities, HMS manufactures industrial communication products with extreme quality demands.

Industrial communication production

Our production philosophy

One of the core reasons behind the success of HMS is the proven track record in manufacturing and delivering products. On time and with the highest quality. At our custom-built production facility in Halmstad, we develop and manufacture products according to the high demands of our customers.

Surface mounting of components and box-building in high volumes is carried out by sub contractors (EMS) in Eastern Europe and Asia. This flexibility allows us to handle one-off orders as well as large orders by the thousands.

Behind the scenes at our modern production facility in Halmstad, Sweden


Hi-tech production of hi-tech products

We handle full ESD and ambient control to cater for the highest customer demands on soldering quality. The automated warehouse speeds up material handling and helps to provide on-time delivery to large OEM customers (OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturers).

High-speed surface mounting, SPI (Solder Paste Inspection), AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), selective robot soldering, X-ray of BGA soldering quality, laser marking and “TestStand” are all systems and technologies that make HMS stay at the forefront of electronics manufacturing.


Sustainable value chain

HMS customers require high-quality products that are easy to install and use. Another requirement is the ability to use products for a long period of time.

HMS is able to meet these requirements because we have full control over the entire value chain, from product development, component supply and manufacturing, to distribution, sales, training and after-sales service.

Our Business Management System (BMS) is used to specify and monitor all of the processes and ensure quality and continuous improvement in the value chain. Products are manufactured at our own facilities and in close cooperation with exclusive subcontractors in Europe and Asia.




The facility - Halmstad, Sweden


HMS's own production facility is located right next to the development department in Halmstad. This is where production takes place for prototypes, small series and certain customized products, along with final assembly and quality control. By maintaining its own manufacturing operations and capabilities, HMS can continue to be highly demanding with respect to subcontractors.

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