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Luxury high-tech holiday homes

Want to leave your hectic urban life behind to soak up the full beauty of nature and enjoy a completely serene environment? Want to do this with all the comforts of modern living? Now you can! Thanks to Cuber and Intesis.


Intesis adds the high-tech to luxury holiday homes

Want to leave your hectic urban life behind to soak up the full beauty of nature and enjoy a completely serene environment? Want to do this with all the comforts of modern living? Now you can! Thanks to Cuber and Intesis.

Cuber has installed a small number of luxury holiday chalets on a nature reserve in the Netherlands, each one positioned for privacy, solitude, and stunning views.

The chalets are designed as ‘outdoor suites’, offering the atmosphere and service of a luxury hotel. Each is detached, not overlooked, and has a spacious terrace and outdoor fireplace. The large windows allow guests to immerse themselves in the magic of nature. The chalets are equipped for the ultimate in luxury and comfort with rainfall showers, stargazing glass roofs, sumptuous furnishing, king-sized beds and decorated with simple elegance.

And the magic does not stop there. Rather than having staff fussing around you and unwittingly disturbing the ambience, everything is automated by an Intesis technology solution that provides total environmental control from an App on the guest’s own mobile phone.

Our guests can set exactly the ambience they want in their chalets, from anywhere, with a user-friendly App controlling a multi-faceted Intesis building automation system

Edwin Smaal - Cuber

A Cuber holiday starts with the opening of the chalet door - from the App. Turn on the lights, operate the blinds and the air conditioning, everything is controlled from the App. The objective is to combine the service of a designer hotel with the freedom of one’s own home.

Making all this possible is a bespoke automation system that allows each guest to set up their suite to their exact preferences – and to change the setting at will as the day goes on or if the weather changes. Cleverly, the system also recognises when the suite is unoccupied and resets the heating, air conditioning, lighting etc to optimum values fo energy saving, yet resets just before guest’s re-enter or before new guests arrive. It also lets the Cuber management team take control of the suite in the event of an emergency or other unusual event.

Cuber’s founder, Edwin Smaal, explains the thinking behind this unique experience: “At Cuber we love simplicity and convenience. We understand the frustration of long queues to check-in and the intrusion of staff (even though they are trying to be helpful). So, we want to cut out the fuss and create the perfect place to get away from the crowds and daily grind to peace and tranquillity.

“With our App, guests are able to arrange everything at their fingertips, 24/7 whenever it suits them. The Cuber experience starts from the moment they book, when we assign them a virtual personal guide to help them set up every aspect of their stay.”

Key to all of this is Intesis building automation technology from HMS Networks. While this is highly sophisticated, part of the Cuber philosophy is to make it intuitively easy to use via the mobile phone App.

Perhaps the most important part of the control system is adjusting the air conditioning to provide each client with precisely the environment they desire. This may include different setting at different times of day or in different parts of the chalet, or a real-time reset to account for changes in the weather.

Importantly, Intesis has a range of air conditioning gateways available to match all of the major equipment suppliers and can deal with multiple makes on one common control system. This means building owners are not constrained and can change to different suppliers when they upgrade or extend their HVAC installation.

Intesis also offers a line of AC Cloud Control gateways for integration of AC systems into the Cloud, an option Cuber has adopted so that it has immediate control over all its chalets and can control their environments when they are not in use.

The effects:

  • Guests can change the temperature for the suites through the Cuber App, from any location.
  • Cuber can use rules to set temperatures based on vacancy and room occupation for best guest experience and energy efficiency.
  • The system works with multiple brands of AC units in different chalets connected via the same AC Cloud Control API.


  • AC integration into Cuber App via AC Cloud Control API
  • Country: Netherlands
  • Company: Cuber (Break Away BV)

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