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BACnet gateway solutions for hotels

Hotels utilize diverse devices for building control. Integrating these devices, including non-BACnet ones, via Intesis BACnet Server gateway solutions offers simplicity, efficiency, and BTL certification for seamless interoperability. Additional BACnet features enhance functionality.


BACnet is today one of the most commonly used protocols within building management systems and its popularity is increasing day by day.

Hotels include a large variety of devices and technologies which are used to control and monitor different parts of the building for purposes such as illumination, temperature, humidity, access and presence. Since all this equipment normally uses different protocols and communication standards, one of the great challenges in such installations is how to centralize all systems in a single point.


  • Integration into BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP.
  • Easy integration between different protocols.
  • Optimization of the air conditioning system for the different zones in the building, integrating domestic and commercial solutions.


  • The use of Intesis BACnet Server gateway solutions allows simple integration of non-BACnet devices into any BACnet building management system.
  • All Intesis gateways are designed to use the same configuration tool, MAPS. This improves the user experience and makes the commissioning process faster and simpler.
  • BTL certification ensures proper interoperability between Intesis products and any BTL certified Building Management System.
  • Additional BACnet features, such as Schedules, Trend Logs and Calendars provide and extra tool for demanding integrators needing extra functionality.
Solution: Building control

Industries: Building automation

Products: BACnet server gateways and interfaces

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