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BACnet solution for small and medium installations

Intesis offers a tailored solution for small and medium projects by integrating domestic and commercial air conditioning units into BACnet systems, enabling decentralized control and energy savings.


The major air conditioner manufacturers offer solutions to integrate their systems into BACnet. However, these solutions only cover specific scenarios for large installations with centralized controllers and BACnet IP connectivity. Intesis provides  the solution for small and medium sized projects!

Many small and medium sized projects do not include centralized controllers and BACnet MSTP connectivity. However, thanks to Intesis BACnet BAC-1 interfaces, installers and integrators can provide a more tailored solution for the integration of commercial and domestic units into BACnet controlled system, using both IP and MSTP.


BACnet solution for small and medium installations



  • Integration into BACnet IP and BACnet MSTP. 
  • Decentralized solution.
  • Improvement of energy savings.
  • Optimization of the air conditioning system for the different zones in the building integrating Domestic and Commercial solutions.


  • The use of Intesis BACnet BAC-1 interfaces allows simple integration of domestic, commercial and VRF HVAC solutions into any BACnet IP or BACnet MSTP building management systems.
  • Thanks to its direct connection to the indoor unit electronics or wired remote controller bus, the Intesis interface allows decentralized solutions that provide a more flexible and safer scenario.
  • Having integrated all the HVAC units into the BMS, ensures a full control of the related costs.
  • Easy to scale. New interfaces can be added and connected to the HVAC and BACnet systems in a very simple way. The gateways are compatible with multiple indoor unit types -domestic as well as commercial, and there is no complicated licensing model involved.
  • Energy savings can be achieved  as each air conditioning unit can be controlled individually.
Solution: HVAC integration

Industries: Building automation

Products: BACnet server gateways and interfaces

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