産業用通信および IIoT のソリューションプロバイダーである HMS が、お客様のビジネス向上にどのような役割を果たしているのかをご確認ください

HMS がビジネス拡大と品質向上をどのようにお手伝いしたのか、お客様の声がそのすべてを物語っています

Thiele Technologies 社:グローバルなリモートサポートに Ewon を使用

5 16, 2019, 18:06 午後
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Ewon ケーススタディ


Thiele Technologies use Ewon for global remote support

Ewon and Talk2M helping Thiele Technologies handle their customer issues.
“We use Ewon to download new revision system upgrades which improve the customer’s operation.”
Josh Larson
Thiele Technologies

Thiele Technologies use Ewon for global remote support


- Thiele's service team skips 150 trips - Massive $750,000 cost saving

- More customer productivity issues are resolved in 2.5 hours vs. 2 days

- Massive cost savings to Thiele's customers (150 trips x $5,000 per trip = $750,000 cost saves)

- Increased first time fix rate


Since their founding in Minnesota in the early 1930's and late 1940, Bemis Packaging Machinery and Thiele Engineering have become the leading packaging automation group in the Western Hemisphere, that reputation for excellence continues today under the Thiele Technologies name with innovative, high-speed packaging systems that accurately feed, fill, close, seal, bag, place, carton, case pack, and palletize a wide range of products.

As a subsidiary of Barry-Wehmiller Companies, Thiele Technologies diligently searches for the very best solutions to incorporate into their wide offering of end of line packaging products. Customer productivity, up time and cost effective operation drives their thinking. And, Ewon, with their secure strategy for accessing equipment over the internet, has become an integral part of their strategy.


Thiele Technologies equipment makes use of cutting edge automation engineering and state of the art hardware. PLCs, Human Machine Interfaces, servo systems, drives and machine vision equipment typically come together in Thiele's designs. Supporting a global installed base of automated packaging machines can be daunting. And, Thiele Technologies Josh Larson is charged with the responsibility.


Thiele Technologies is devoted to two things: keeping our customers productive and improving our employees quality of life. Ewon and Talk2M allow us to handle a great many of our customers issues in a short time without putting our people through the unnecessary travel. Many troubleshooting trips which used to require air travel, hotel and rental car charges can be avoided by accessing the automation equipment via the Ewon device, indicates Mr. Larson.


Not only does Thiele Technologies execute trouble shooting, parameter resets and routine fixes remotely via the Ewon, Josh's team has developed some advanced techniques. Again per Larson: "We use Ewon to download new revision system upgrades which improve the customer's operation. This allows our customers to easily take advantage of new process breakthroughs without the need for an on-site visit". 




Because their customer base includes a diverse group of users, Ewon allows Thiele's support team to go well beyond the modification of intelligent devices. Our team has developed procedures for not only troubleshooting the normal devices, but has learned how to help our clients locate mechanical and connection issues remotely. We plan to build new algorithms to monitor other machine issues in the future.


One of the future plans involves making use of Flexy products ability to send email and text messages when machines are not running at optimum rate.


In the near future Thiele Technologies team will employ data mining to ping their operation when a machine begins experiencing a problem. This process will indicate future problems and allow Thiele's team to partner with the customer's maintenance department to drive productivity; some times before the local guy realizes a problem exists.


When asked about the value of the Ewon system. Josh spoke in ecstatic details: “Since we launched our use of Ewon devices our team has logged over 305 hours of billable (non-warranty) service. They typical time to troubleshoot a customer's system runs at two and a half hours. This saves nearly 150 service trips to customers! Think about this: In the pre-Ewon days, most of these would have required one of our team to book an expensive last minute flight, rent a car, get a hotel room, and buy meals. Many of these trips would have approached the $5,000 point if it weren't for our Ewon strategy. But, that's not the best part. The real value comes in the increased up time to the customer. We log on, troubleshoot and get the system running in a couple of hours instead of days. And, in cases where the issue involves a broken piece of equipment, we still save the customer a great deal of productivity because, we go out to the site armed with the right stuff  to make the repair.


Currently, Thiele Technologies is exploring other new and innovative remote troubleshooting options; things like cameras, monitoring algorithms and remote management dashboards which all create the long rang result of better value for the customer and a better life for the technical crew.


Ultra Star bagger for flexible packaging Thiele Technologies is a leader for high speed packaging and converting equipment


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Anybus ケーススタディ

Ixxat ケーススタディ

  • Schaeffler_CANblueII

    Ixxat CANblue II で運転テストをより明確に

    Ixxat CANblue II は、テスト用車両の ECU を Bluetooth でタブレット PC に接続し、車両データを表示することで運転テストをより分かりやすくします。
    Schaeffler Engineering China
  • ETAS

    Car simulator driven by IXXAT

    ETAS uses IXXAT PC interface boards to enable communication between their LABCAR HiL test system and different Electronic Control Units (ECUs).
    ETAS GmbH
  • excavating machine simulator

    USB-to-CAN compact : 掘削機シミュレーター内でのデータ交換を実現

    スウェーデンの Halmstad University では、掘削機の最新鋭のシミュレーターを開発するプロジェクトが進行しています。プロトタイプにおいて掘削機内の環境のシミュレーションにバーチャルリアリティ(VR)を使用します。実際の掘削機でオペレーターに見えるものを VR ゴーグルが表示し、オペレーターの動作に従って運転席も動くため、とてもリアルな体験が可能です。

    Halmstad University in Sweden
  • PC-Interfaces-for-Medical-Applications

    PC CAN Interfaces for medical applications

    IXXAT PC/CAN interfaces enable easy connection of medical devices from different manufacturers with a common control unit. The use of a standardized bus system such as CANopen saves development costs, enables universal and scalable use of components and also considerably reduces the number of cables.




Intesis ケーススタディ

Intesis ゲートウェイがどれだけ簡単に接続を完了させるのか、お客様のストーリーを通してご確認ください。





HMS がお客様のビジネス向上をどのように進めるのか、