HMS and Ericsson - Enabling smart manufacturing and industry 4.0

We believe that working together creates the best results. Our collaboration enables private 5G and LTE networks in the factory.



HMS and Ericsson - perfect partners for Smart Wireless Cellular Connectivity

One upon a time, a connected device just meant being plugged in. But wires can only reach so far.

The collaboration between HMS and Ericsson enables the vision of Smart Manufacturing by connecting the industrial world to future-proof wireless and cellular technologies. By combining our expertise, customers will be able to easily retrofit existing machinery to modern equipment using advanced networking solutions within and between factories.

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Experience the power of smart collaboration

Together with Ericsson and other leading companies, HMS was part of the demo Flexible Production and Next Generation Employee at Hannover Messe, fully aligned with the vision of Industrie 4.0. The demo featured a smart robot and AGV over private LTE and integrates material handling and factory automation into one solution for smart manufacturing. HMS enables data connectivity and flexible control between all connected devices through Ericsson's industrial private LTE network.


Curious about 5G for manufacturing? Learn about the benefits in our webinar "The Benefits of 5G in The Factory" - available now on-demand.  

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Learn more about Ericsson Industry Connect, an easy-to-use cellular connectivity solution designed to accelerate Industry 4.0 digital transformation.

Ericsson Industry Connect


Get more information about 5G and download our exclusive whitepaper "The Benefits of 5G in the Factory" here.

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HMS Networks is the global independent leader in solutions for industrial communication and IIoT. A frontrunner in connecting devices, machines and systems to industrial networks for over 30 years, HMS sees wireless connectivity solutions as key to enable the visions of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.



Ericsson is a global leader in cellular communication (4G/LTE/5G) offering dedicated cellular communication solutions for industries. The private LTE network provide wireless communication to factories, process plants or other industry applications that require reliable and robust high capacity wireless networks.