通过HMS的Ewon Flexy连接到Innius,为Itho Daalderop提供了旧机器的工业物联网(IIoT)改造。


HMS的解决方案合作伙伴可以通过在HMS工业硬件之上创建创新的IIoT软件解决方案来为您提供帮助,以进行性能监控,报告,分析,维护等。 得益于数字和物理系统之间的集成,更佳的可视性,更高的效率和更高的灵活性,从而可以使您做出更好的决策。 将您的数据转化为价值,同时仍然专注于您的核心业务。 使用下面的目录,找到适合您的HMS解决方案合作伙伴。

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Solutions for: Data Triggered Workflows and Cognitive Automation

Products represented: Ewon Flexy, Ewon Netbiter

Zestl’s Zvolv platform intelligently uses your machine data to drive your people’s actions with structured data triggered workflows and cognitive automation. Zvolv can be configured in a matter of minutes to interpret various triggers from IoT data streams, and translate them into clearly defined actions - to be performed either by your people, or by pre-programmed automation bots. All this without having to write a line of code! The platform allows integration of multiple data sources including Flexy and Argos. End users can quickly create structured flows to manage, document and execute production, maintenance or escalation processes. Integrated analytics features can be used to identify high impact areas for process improvement.

Zvolv – IoT to Impact with Automated Electronic Workflows

In Industrial environments, it is common practice to document workflows and processes to ensure teams, divisions and entire companies operate in a consistent manner. In most cases, these processes exist as fixed documents stored on a server or on cloud. By transforming these documents into digital work flows companies can create processes that respond and adjust to real-time conditions.

For example, a maintenance team can transition from manual entry logs to a digital process. Machine data can automatically trigger tasks pre-defined in your workflows. Real time notifications and escalations ensure no loss of time or line productivity. A digital maintenance workflow can include step by step instructions that are verified by real-time machine data to eliminate errors and ensure completeness of the job. For long jobs, electronic logging can simplify hand over to the next shift by providing a fully documented current status. In addition, the platform simplifies new employee integration by offering a more interactive direction set.

Zvolv workflow automation can improve your machine throughput by minimizing downtime due to people-driven actions and preventive maintenance driven by sensor data.



Zvolv components:  

  • No-code Workflows
  • Cognitive Automation
  • Intelligent Data Triggers
  • Process Builder
  • Documents and Training
  • Real Time Analytics
  • Task Management
  • Form Builder
  • Mobile Virtualization
  • Dynamic Dashboards




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