通过HMS的Ewon Flexy连接到Innius,为Itho Daalderop提供了旧机器的工业物联网(IIoT)改造。


HMS的解决方案合作伙伴可以通过在HMS工业硬件之上创建创新的IIoT软件解决方案来为您提供帮助,以进行性能监控,报告,分析,维护等。 得益于数字和物理系统之间的集成,更佳的可视性,更高的效率和更高的灵活性,从而可以使您做出更好的决策。 将您的数据转化为价值,同时仍然专注于您的核心业务。 使用下面的目录,找到适合您的HMS解决方案合作伙伴。

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Solutions for: Tailor made IoT applications across many manufacturing industries.

Products represented: Ewon Flexy

WebNMS powered by Zoho is a leader in the IoT and IIoT world with extensive background and solutions specifically for Energy Management, Remote Management, Fleet Management and Smart Cities.

Connect, monitor and manage energy and assets


connect (1)


Stay connected to all your mission critical devices. Connect assets, people, processes and systems to derive value out of operations. Take your business to the next level with comprehensive asset management.


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Capture real-time data from assets and mission critical devices, 24/7. Work with precision by gaining visibility into granular level operations of your business. WebNMS IoT Platform enables seamless data acquisition, processing and analytics.


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Get Real- time data, right from asset performance to functioning of the connected enterprise at large. Turn data into actionable insights. Reports and timely insights help creating deeper understanding of asset utilization and operational costs involved


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WebNMS IoT Platform is crafted for seamless business operations. Reduce downtime, pump up revenues and improve end user experience by deploying IoT applications that are tailor made for business operations across verticals. This Internet of Things Platform is the answer to your maintenance and operational woes of heavy industries, manufacturing, enterprise and service industries.

WebNMS is the Internet of Things division of Zoho Corporation, a privately held and consistently profitable company with more than 4,500 employees. WebNMS is an enterprise-scale Internet of Things platform that provides edge-to-cloud solutions to connect, monitor and manage energy and asset at remote infrastructures. With IoT, you can centrally automate business operations, utilize energy intelligently, manage asset health, optimize transportation and remotely secure and control your business environment.

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