通过HMS的Ewon Flexy连接到Innius,为Itho Daalderop提供了旧机器的工业物联网(IIoT)改造。


HMS的解决方案合作伙伴可以通过在HMS工业硬件之上创建创新的IIoT软件解决方案来为您提供帮助,以进行性能监控,报告,分析,维护等。 得益于数字和物理系统之间的集成,更佳的可视性,更高的效率和更高的灵活性,从而可以使您做出更好的决策。 将您的数据转化为价值,同时仍然专注于您的核心业务。 使用下面的目录,找到适合您的HMS解决方案合作伙伴。

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Solutions for: IoT/Industry 4.0, Monitoring, Data Analytics, Predictive Maintenance

Products represented: Ewon Netbiter, Ewon Flexy

ESE Engineering und Software-Entwicklung GmbH is a software engineering company with over 300 employees. Besides engineering services and embedded software development, the company is specialized in the fields of big data and (Industrial) IoT analytics.

ESE is well known for its competence in connecting non-Siemens automation technology and devices to Siemens MindSphere and thus is MindSphere Silver Partner.

What do we do?

ESE works with companies in the automotive, transportation, and plant engineering. In the field of IIoT and MindSphere, ESE GmbH is a system integrator of comprehensive IIoT solutions. Customers profit from following support services:

Data collection

The basis for a successful IIoT system is the generation and collection of data. The expert team of ESE in the areas of embedded programming and application development ensures that you get exactly the data from your machine that is necessary and useful for optimized operation.



After an automated plausibility check and cleaning of data, data are visualized. The visual processing of the data enables clear monitoring and analysis of real-time data. Changes in the condition of the machines can thus be detected even before the malfunction or failure. Using data storage and visualization platforms such as Siemens MindSphere, ESE GmbH supports customers in the development of dashboards and advanced data analysis.

Prognosis and Artificial Intelligence

With the help of statistical and self-learning methods, reliable forecasts can be derived from the collected data. These are used to draw the necessary conclusions with regard to the maintenance of machines.

Our approach

Your problem is our challenge. We do not want to enforce on our approach. We listen to you. We suggest. We adapt and suggest again. Until we have a common solution.

What we do is not rocket science. It’s just enabling modern IoT technology for your environment.


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