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HMS Labs is HMS' initiative responsible for driving and shaping disruptive technologies, emerging applications and creative business models.

HMS Labs

Driving growth and innovation

HMS Labs is HMS' initiative for growth and innovation — a separate cross-functional team responsible for driving and shaping disruptive technologies, emerging applications and creative business models.

Our approach is to transform fresh ideas into real business opportunities by analyzing customer needs, prototyping innovative solutions and engaging with users at an early stage to validate the business case. The result of our work are solutions and proof-of-concepts that are evaluated with lead customers in pilot projects and field trials. 

As a result of HMS Labs activities we expect to enhance HMS solution portfolio with innovative products for emerging application fields and growing markets. 

”The next wave of automation will target the integration between machine and warehouse as well as between the factory and the IT systems.

This integration can only be achieved by introducing artificial intelligence in combination with robust wireless communications.

We need a radically new approach to cyber security in the factory.


In HMS Labs, we build prototypes together with partners to demonstrate how these new technologies will impact industrial production.” 

- Jens Jakobsen, HMS Labs Development Manager at HMS Networks.

Have a look at our ongoing projects:


HMS Labs

5G for Industrial Production

Learn how HMS Labs realizes 5G connectivity solutions, aligned with the visions of Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0.
Cyber security

Industrial security

Protect your data and your industrial systems with HMS' advanced security features and discover best practices for securing your IoT systems
HMS Labs

IT/OT Integration and Artificial Intelligence

The need for increased flexibility and the quest for even higher productivity drives the integration of machines in the factory with IT systems.
HMS Labs

Factory Automation and Material Handling Integration

Discover how HMS Labs works with factory automation to increase productvity and flexibility in the factory.




Do your thesis project with HMS Labs

Thesis projects are a way for us to evaluate new technology and try new ideas. For you as a student, the project will give you insights into an international company and an opportunity to try your newly acquired knowledge out in practice. 

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