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Protect your data and your industrial systems with HMS' advanced security features and discover best practices for securing your IoT systems

Cybersecurity advisories for HMS products

HMS puts lot of effort into developing secure and robust products. Regardless of this, we or others detect security issues in our products from time to time. When we are aware of a security issue we will publish information about the issue here. Our goal is to have updated firmware available before we publish the information officially, this to prevent security issued to be used in exploits.

Cybersecurity advisories

Industrial IoT Security 

Securing your industrial systems

Industrial communications are moving beyond the four walls of the factory.  The value proposition of internet connectivity is too strong to ignore.  HMS Networks allows industrial communications users to get connected without compromising on cyber security.

HMS IIoT platforms include advanced security features such as packet storm resistance, server and client certificates, 2 step authentication, and access control.  

Our products allow machine builders and process control integrators to connect their systems to the internet with confidence.  

Today we connect over 100,000 machines to the internet.

Incorporating security best practices into your industrial applications will protect your assets and keep you current in today's Industrial IoT landscape. 

HMS TechTalks

What should you think of as an industrial device manufacturer when it comes to security?
HMS TechTalks with Christian Bergdahl, Product Marketing Manager at HMS Business Unit Anybus. 

IIoT Security Whitepaper - Download

Security for industrial devices

In this Whitepaper, Christian Bergdahl, Leif Malmberg, Joakim Wiberg, Thierry Bieber and Kurt van Buul from HMS answer five key questions about industrial cyber security, as IT and OT rapidly converge.

  1. How widely will the factory floor of the future be connected to higher level systems?
  2. Aren’t today’s factories closed systems, meaning outside access is denied?
  3. Who will be responsible that an installation is secure?
  4. Do I need to secure all my products, or can I only secure the ones considered to be at risk? And how
    do I know which products those are?
  5. Is it the device manufacturer’s responsibility to solve the security requirements in a factory?

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