Certified PROFINET Engineer

Classroom On-site
11 Dec 2024 - 12 Dec 2024
Breemes,  Belgium
An internationally accredited in-depth course covering PROFINET network design, commissioning, and live fault-finding


Who should attend the course?

The Certified PROFINET Engineer course is an in-depth two-day course that is suitable for a wide range of engineers working in a wide variety of industries.

The course is suitable for anyone who is working at a technical level in automation and control systems. Because this is an intensive course, we require attendees to be qualified up to Certified PROFINET Installer standard and have attended the PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance Course. 

However, don't worry if you are not qualified to this level: we always run both courses immediately before the engineer course so you can take all three in the same week.


What will I learn on the course?

  • Basics of Ethernet, IEEE802.3, the ISO/OSI model, TCP, UDP, IP, ARP, Ping, and the Ethernet frame
  • Network Addressing: MAC Address, IP Address, and subnet mask and subnetting
  • Network Infrastructure - switches, hubs, routers, gateways, and firewalls
  • Switch features for industrial automation applications and PI conformance classes
  • How to monitor Ethernet traffic with switch port mirroring or a network tap
  • Device names and name setting
  • Network topologies
  • Network diagnostics using SNMP, DCP, DHCP, and LLDP tools for network management
  • PROFINET IO Device types, certification requirements, Application Relations (ARs) and Communication Relations (CRs)
  • Real Time (RT) communications, timing parameters and cycle times
  • Communication optimisation
  • Practical fault-finding sessions
  • And much more


Course details

Training method: Presentation and hands-on workshops.

Duration: 2 days, including practical and theory exams.

Prerequisites: PROFINET Installer certificate, PROFINET Troubleshooting & Maintenance Course.




11 Dec 2024 - 12 Dec 2024
Breemes, Belgium