Certified PROFINET Installer

Classroom On-site
09 Dec 2024 - 09 Dec 2024
Breemes,  Belgium
A practical workshop covering PROFINET troubleshooting and maintenance.


Who should attend the course?

This course is not just for installers, it provides the basic but essential information for anyone who is involved with PROFINET at a technical level; designers, commissioning engineers, maintenance technicians and of course installers.

The course also provides an essential pre-requisite to more advanced training like the PROFINET Troubleshooting and Maintenance Course and the Certified PROFINET Engineer Course. Although centred on the most widely used Industrial Ethernet technology, PROFINET, most of the course content is equally applicable to other Industrial Ethernet technologies. 

No prior knowledge of Industrial Ethernet systems is required before attending but even very experienced network engineers who have previously attended the course say that they have gained valuable knowledge on how to avoid problems.


What will I learn on the course?

  • The techniques required to allow Ethernet to work in industrial environments
  • Interference pickup (EMC), cable routing and earthing considerations, earth potential problems and their avoidance
  • PROFINET conformance classes
  • Wiring and installation testing
  • The importance of GSDML files and PROFINET Device names
  • Common wiring and layout pitfalls, modern cable and connector systems
  • Considerations for network maintenance and commissioning


Course details

Training method: Presentation and hands-on workshops.

Duration: 1 day, including practical and theory exams.

Prerequisites: None.




09 Dec 2024 - 09 Dec 2024
Breemes, Belgium