Let's Get You Over The IoT Hurdles

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WebNMS and HMS Networks

WebNMS' proprietary EdgeX is a multi-device, secure, and powerful gateway agent, which allows data collected from the Ewon Flexy from HMS Networks to be analyzed and processed at the edge of the network before being sent to the cloud server.


Receive a WebNMS Deep Dive


WebNMS Deep Dive



Overcome IoT Hurdles

Often IoT adoption faces a major hurdle in acquiring data from a heterogeneous set of legacy devices on the shop floor. Ewon Flexy, with its capability to acquire data from a broad range of devices communicating in various industrial protocols like Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Digital and Analog Sensors, Ethernet/IP, ISO TCP, PPI, MPI, Profibus, Serial Interfaces, etc. enables WebNMS IOT Platform to provide industrial IOT Applications seamlessly.

Data no longer needs to reside on individual data loggers and HMI interfaces alone, now data from all sensors across the shop floor can be unified in a single application to automate data visualization, fault detection, report generation, KPI calculation in real-time, etc. WebNMS IOT Platform can be hosted both on-premise and in the cloud, giving complete flexibility on data ownership.


WebNMS IoT Platform

WebNMS IOT Platform is a game changer in the Industrial IOT arena. With industries rapidly adopting digital transformation of operations, WebNMS IOT Platform gathers real-time data from machines, sensors and assets and visualizes these data as dashboards, line diagrams, and reports. It analyses data to flag threshold breaches and raises alarms/notifications which can them be forwarded as SMS and e-mail to various stakeholders based on escalation levels. This solution make the plant/operations management unified and readily available to various stakeholders across the organization via a web client or the WebNMS IOT mobile app, bringing mobility to the operations.


Energy Management

Manage your energy consumption patterns in commercial & industrial sectors by taking complete control of your energy data at a fundamental and granular level.

Measure, Monitor and Manage your energy usage

  • Fault Management
  • Performance reporting
  • Demand/supply optimization
  • And more....

Remote Asset Management

Improve asset uptime and overcome maintenance challenges. Automate existing processes and integrate loT with business applications to allow broader analysis.

Asset life cycle management with real-time monitoring

  • Multi-site remote monitoring
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Asset health/Condition monitoring
  • And more....

Fleet Management

Analytics driven intelligence for the fleet with GPS tracking, driver behavior analysis, load & delivery planning, cold storage monitoring, compliance, etc.

Connect your fleet from first mile to the last

  • Telematics & GPS tracking
  • Route optimization
  • Safety management
  • And more....


Who can use WebNMS IOT Platform?

Discover the capabilties of this ready to deploy solution


System Integrators or Service providers can quickly on-board sensor or machines in conjunction with eWon Flexy and acquire data in real-time. The tag management module of the Flexy device allows the user to handle huge pile of data over different protocols that are available in the IO Server module of the device.

Machine data will be immediately be available in the WebNMS IOT Platform where customers can view this data as Dashboards (various widgets are provided for data visualization), Reports can be generated on the fly and scheduled to be set to the relevant persons via e-mail, time-series data from these sensors is stored and available on the click of a button for analysis or audits.

Providing industrial IOT solutions is quick and easy with WebNMS IOT Platform. The platform is also highly customizable to tailor it based on customer needs and provide powerful custom fit solutions that are scalable, secure and robust

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