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Our Solution Partners assist you with innovative IoT software solutions using HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, analytics, reporting, and more

Solution Partner Spotlight: innius

By connecting to innius via an Ewon Flexy from HMS, Itho Daalderop was provided with an IIoT retrofit for older machines.

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HMS' Solution Partners can assist you by creating innovative IIoT software solutions on top of HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics, maintenance and more. Gain insight that allows you to make better decisions thanks to the added integration between digital and physical systems, improved visibility, increased efficiency and added flexibility. Turn your data into value, while still focusing on your core business.  Find a HMS Solution Partner that's right for you by using the filter below. 


Katana USU

Solutions for: Big Data Analytics

Products represented: Ewon Flexy

Katana is a highly flexible and scalable big data analytics plattform. By the means of intelligent algorithmns Katana processes and transforms your data into valuable information to early predict failures and breakdowns, to increase efficiencies and optimise processes. Katana transforms your industrial data into profit.

Katana - Big Data Analytics

Based on state-of-the-art cloud computing technology, Katana is our cloud platform for
Big Data Analytics. Katana provides fast and easy analyses of all of your industrial data using modern data analytics techniques that enable you to understand your business and production processes with full comprehension and most conveniently.

Gaining the data with the Ewon approach, in a next step our data scientist expert teams will find tailormade solutions. In closest cooperation with your machine and IT experts, we will develop advisory tools for a wide variety of special applications, realizing defined performance indicators for quality assurance, machine uptime and optimization of your entire production process.

Profitably realizing these solutions for your company, our data science and engineer teams will integrate these solutions into custom-made dashboards and other automized notification systems for your convenience.

In a preliminary project phase, the Katana Analytics platform will harmonize your data bases, web applications and all other relevant systems’ data for a complete satisfactory interaction. The result will be a fully automatic analysis of your business data with the objective of providing full digital services in the context of overall equipment and process

As a final outcome, these services will help you to reduce the outage periods and unplanned downtime of your machinery, increasing the availability for your customer, significantly. This is our culture of implementing successfully complex, technical services like Predictive Maintenance. By adjusting the Katana Analytics platform as described, we will provide you with an entire portfolio of new digital services, accompanying you on the path to digital transformation.

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