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Our Solution Partners assist you with innovative IoT software solutions using HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, analytics, reporting, and more

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HMS' Solution Partners can assist you by creating innovative IIoT software solutions on top of HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics, maintenance and more. Gain insight that allows you to make better decisions thanks to the added integration between digital and physical systems, improved visibility, increased efficiency and added flexibility. Turn your data into value, while still focusing on your core business.  Find a HMS Solution Partner that's right for you by using the filter below. 



Solutions for: Data Collection, Reports and Dashboards

Products represented: Ewon Flexy

SyTech “The Report Company” is a team of passionate people dedicated to building and delivering the best reporting and analytic software for Ewon users.

Reports and Dashboards for Industry

For over 25 years, SyTech products have been the leading choice in industry, from Automotive and Building Management to Water and Wastewater, providing Compliance, Performance, Operations and Production reporting. XLReporter, our flagship product, is award winning software with thousands of loyal customers worldwide. With the Ewon Flexy IIoT connector, machine builders can perform proactive maintenance and research, manufacturers can obtain an enterprise view of all their sites and facilities can monitor remote locations like pump stations and energy farms. With this one simple, but very effective solution, the possibilities are endless.

The XLReporter connector interfaces to the Talk2M Cloud Service to periodically synchronize remote history data and alarms to on premise storage. Reports are automatically produced and distributed to printers, email, web portal, FTP and more. They can also contain information from any of the additional 70 connectors included in XLReporter to the leading industrial and business sources such as ODBC and OPC

Report development is accelerated by the Template Library which offers over 50 “out of the box” templates for Mobile, OEE, Usage, Alarm Performance, Utilization, SPC, Snapshot, Summary reports and more. With a template “checked out”, the Library Wizard walks through the steps necessary to modify elements such as title, logo, data and format to produce a fully functional report template. The entire reporting solution is ready in minutes not hours.

The Design Studio, the first of its kind in industry, is provided to customize report templates. As an alternative to the XLReporter add-in in Microsoft Excel, engineers can also design templates using the standalone Design Studio that has same “look and feel” of a workbook application. To accelerate report and dashboard development, features like formulas, analytics, statistics, formatting, sorting, filtering, images and charts are provided. Whether triggered automatically with the built-in scheduler or on-demand, reports are generated XLReporter’s powerful reporting engine as Excel workbooks, web pages and encrypted PDF looking exactly as they were designed, without compromise.


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