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Our Solution Partners assist you with innovative IoT software solutions using HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, analytics, reporting, and more

HMS Solution Partner Webinar Series

August 19th

Azure Connected Machine Solutions from HMS Networks

In this webinar, HMS Networks will be discussing our Azure connector offering in connection to the Ewon Flexy.
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Enabling Digital Transformation with Ewon Machine Telemetry Solutions for ThingWorx

During this webinar experts from PTC, HMS Networks and Rockwell will present several success stories showcasing Flexy to ThingWorx.
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Developing AWS solutions leveraging the HMS AWS reference design and HMS engineering services

During this webinar the HMS engineering services team will share our experience integrating HMS products with AWS.
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Machine Management and Support Solutions Leveraging Ewon Flexy in conjunction with Ignition

During this webinar HMS will explain and demonstrate the Ewon Flexy to Ignition Connector and walk through several successful use cases..
Available On Demand

Food and Beverage Production Optimization leveraging connected machines and Altizon

Altizon and HMS have developed an engagement model that limits the time investment required on the manufacturer side.
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Sytech, XL Reporter

Learn more about these new key features supported by XL Reporter that can make your digital transformation journey a success.
Available On Demand

Developing Azure solutions leveraging the HMS Azure reference design and HMS engineering services

This information will be valuable to any developer looking to start developing an Azure Industrial IoT solution.
Available On Demand

Combining HMS Data Telemetry and Remote Access Solutions with Azure or AWS Clouds

Join this webinar to learn more about how HMS can enable your Amazon Web Services or Azure solution.
Available On Demand

Developing Embedded solution for AWS and Azure for Machine and Device OEMs

During this webinar, HMS will outline the functionality of the system and present a step by step method for jump-starting an OEM IoT solution.
Available On Demand

Smart Tech Infrastructure for Machine Builders: Key Essentials for Developing and Deploying Data Telemetry and Remote Access Solutions

In this webinar we will discuss connectivity architectures that solve the most common data-based use cases.



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HMS' Solution Partners can assist you by creating innovative IIoT software solutions on top of HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics, maintenance and more. Gain insight that allows you to make better decisions thanks to the added integration between digital and physical systems, improved visibility, increased efficiency and added flexibility. Turn your data into value, while still focusing on your core business.  Find a HMS Solution Partner that's right for you by using the filter below. 


Iothink Solutions

Solutions for: Cloud Connectivity and IoT

Products represented: Ewon Flexy

IoThink Solutions, your IIoT & M2M partner, has a strong experience and expertise in the fields of Industry, Energy, HVAC and Building.

IoThink_Examples and Overview_white

    We offer a complete IoT suite including:       

    • KHEIRON Studio: an IoT IDE to design custom dashboards and use cases
    • KHEIRON SP Web: an agnostic, flexible and secure IIoT platform to deploy your machines, devices and use cases
    • KHEIRON SP Mobile: an iOS & Android App to connect and be alerted anywhere at anytime


    “KHEIRON IoT Suite” helps you connect, monitor & control your new and legacy Ewon Flexy very easily, and collect, process & analyze your data.

    IoThink - HMS 700x425

    Your standalone machines and factories will be controlled at your fingertips!

    By using our large range of tools as real time dashboards (widgets, trends, tables, gauges, maps, …), remote commands, geolocation services, reports, notifications,… and our 100+ use cases on the shelves, you will have the full autonomy to design your custom application on your own.

    Our solution is available in White Label (Web & App) to sell services under you own brand and help you address many verticals like our 800+ use cases already deployed for our worldwide customers.

    “KHEIRON IoT Suite” is multilingual (FR, EN, IT, PT, SP, JP, NL…) and can be used as SaaS, on your Private Cloud or On-Premise.

    The strong experience of our team since 2005 with Ewon products gave us the experience to make a full and efficient integration of Ewon API, by using DMBox API for data collection and M2Web API for real time visualization and remote control.

    If you are a System Integrator, a Machine Builder or an End-User, start connecting your equipment like power generators, HVAC machines (Chillers, Heat pumps, Dry coolers…), air compressors, boilers, water treatments plants, waste machines, laser machines, energy cabinets, public light cabinets, urban furniture, factories…and many more.

    Moreover, “KHEIRON IoT Suite” is fully agnostic and provides more than 350+ parsers for many devices on the market and for many connectivity networks (SIGFOX, LoRaWAN, TTN, ACTILITY… and IP protocols (MQTTS, HTTPS…).

    Are you an Ewon user with a Talk2M account?

    • Connect your Ewon to the platform in a few clicks!
    • Start adding value on your services and develop your business and new service offers  
    • Start reducing your maintenance cost and enhancing your processes
    • Start digitalizing your business, your factory
    • Contact us or HMS Networks for a demo and to try the solution




    Are you interested in this great Solution? For further information:


    Contact HMS Networks

    Visit Iothink Solutions Website

    Download the Iothink Brochure 

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