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Our Solution Partners assist you with innovative IoT software solutions using HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, analytics, reporting, and more

Solution Partner Spotlight: innius

By connecting to innius via an Ewon Flexy from HMS, Itho Daalderop was provided with an IIoT retrofit for older machines.

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HMS' Solution Partners can assist you by creating innovative IIoT software solutions on top of HMS’ industrial hardware for performance monitoring, reporting, analytics, maintenance and more. Gain insight that allows you to make better decisions thanks to the added integration between digital and physical systems, improved visibility, increased efficiency and added flexibility. Turn your data into value, while still focusing on your core business.  Find a HMS Solution Partner that's right for you by using the filter below. 



Solutions for: Industrial IOT, Iotisation, Reports & Dashboards, Resource Tracking & Tracing, Artificial Intelligence & IOT

Products represented: Ewon Flexy

Through the Orion platform, BLP provides monitoring, reporting and predictive intelligence solutions across industries all over the globe. Through the control center in Bangalore, BLP leverages big data, the cloud, mobility and advanced analytics to help customers build smarter operations.

BLP (Bharat Light and Power) has built an advanced proprietary AI based Industrial IOT platform, “Orion”.  We are focussed on disrupting manufacturing.  Through Orion, we drive productivity (machine uptime, cycle time reduction, output etc), reduce costs in manufacturing,  energy efficiency, and improve quality by applying our proprietary algorithms, AI, and our failure prediction models.  

Bharat Light and Power works with a variety of industries including energy, auto, steel, FMCG, manufacturing, transportation, sugar, etc.  For example, we are doing the monitoring, reporting and analytics for over 2.5 GW of wind and solar farms across the world from our control centre in Bangalore.

BLP's strength lies in IOT, digitizing entire factories across locations and geographies, data ingestion, analysing the data, and then providing actionable insights.


The use cases are wide.  For example:

 1.  Digitisation of factories across multiple locations – and improving manufacturing & machine productivity through AI and ML.
 2.  Supply chain – tracking of trucks, railway wagons etc – and monitoring their maintenance condition, turnaround times
 3.  Visual analytics – applications include safety and manufacturing quality. For example in Ports – to monitor people
 4.  Track and Trace – asset tracking of inventory, tools, forklifts in large factories, to monitoring movements of goods. Tracking of goods in warehouses
 5.  Energy efficiency – reducing energy consumption in factories and buildings. Also cold storages.
 6.  Quality – assess quality of glass in high speed manufacturing
 7.  Edge Computing – a variety of applications – like instantaneous visual analytics for security


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