HMS Networks launches Atlas2 Plus – the next generation for network diagnostics

11 Jun 2024 at 07:00
By Bert Konings
Product News

HMS Networks now introduces an even more user-friendly version of the Atlas2 Plus, a permanent monitoring solution for Industrial Ethernet networks.


The users have spoken, and HMS has listened – to create a more intuitive interface and to provide a more efficient way of getting from the problem to the solution. The HMS R&D team took up the challenge and can now present the Atlas2 Plus Next Generation—the improved, more intuitive permanent monitoring solution for Industrial Ethernet networks.

Proven success

With over 10,000 Atlas units in the field and over 25 years as the digital network specialist, Anybus Diagnostics has established itself as a trusted partner in monitoring and diagnosing industrial networks. Whether addressing hardware issues, identifying new devices on the network, reporting open ports, or detecting unauthorized connections, the Atlas2 Plus helps users keep their network up and running by quickly resolving issues.


How it works

The Atlas2 Plus actively collects data from all devices connected to a network, displaying information such as device name, IP address, MAC address, communication speed, packet loss, and connected port. When issues like high packet loss or device failure arise, the Atlas2 Plus triggers an alarm and guides users to identify the root cause, providing the best path for repair to avoid a full network shutdown – but that’s just the core. The Atlas2 Plus also offers several features that enhance network analysis and benefit overall network health.


Intuitive and user-friendly interface 

While retaining the same technical features, the Atlas2 Plus now boasts an intuitive interface. This enhancement enables users to gain immediate insights into their network’s health with a single comprehensive overview. The improved usability ensures that even non-technical staff can quickly understand issues and act upon the data, making the Atlas2 Plus an invaluable asset across all levels of operation. 


Setting a new standard 

"The new Atlas2 Plus represents a new, intuitive approach in the field of industrial network health monitoring," said Bert Konings, Anybus Diagnostics Business Line Director at HMS Networks. "Our goal was to build the most intuitive user interface backed by the most powerful diagnostics engine. We've achieved that as the new interface just shows what the service technician needs, allowing them to focus on what’s important to help solve the problem”.

Press contact:

Bert Konings, Business Line Director Anybus Diagnostics 
[email protected]

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