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HMS Networks and Bondtech collaborate on a Remote Service Solution at OSIsoft’s PI World Conference

by User Not Found | Apr 05, 2019
HMS Networks and Bondtech Corporation will present an overview of the Bondtech remote service solution at OSIsoft’s PI World conference in San Francisco the week of April 8, 2019.

HMS Networks and Bondtech Corporation will present an overview of the Bondtech remote service solution at OSIsoft’s PI World conference in San Francisco the week of April 8, 2019. Bondtech has created a remote access and remote monitoring solution based on HMS Networks’ Ewon product line and the OSIsoft PI System. An HMS Networks’ communications solution is used to connect machines deployed to the field back to a central data database at Bondtech. The PI System is used to visualize the data and communicate alerts to service technicians and end users.

Bondtech Corporation a leading manufacturer of autoclaves and pressure vessels used in manufacturing and medical sterilization, introduced the remote monitoring and support solution to improve customer satisfaction and product reliability. These complex machines have been automated to the point where users unfamiliar with the underlying technology can operate the system at the push of a button, but this leads to a support issue. Many customers don’t have the skill set to monitor and maintain these systems as a result, Bondtech supports these systems directly.

Periodic on-site service visits to check on a fully functional machine are costly. Systems that are configured improperly by the end user or used improperly by the end user can result in less than complete sterilization which can lead to contamination or worse in the medical industry. Bondtech needed a solution that would eliminate travel and detect issues in near real-time.

Bondtech service solution includes remote access functionality that allows Bondtech service personnel to log in to a machine securely from Bondtech HQ and work with the machine as if they were sitting next to it. Bondtech has been able to reduce service visits by 50% using this system. The system also monitors key KPIs 24/7 providing end customer the peace of mind that their system is functioning properly. When issues are detected Bondtech service personal and end customer can receive notifications allowing them to address the issue immediately, resulting in more machine up time.

HMS Networks is a platform communications company focused on the industrial market. HMS products allow customers to connect their machines and devices to higher level applications enabling next-generation service solutions. HMS Networks brands include Anybus, Ewon, and Ixxat. Bondtech is a leading supplier of new and refurbished autoclaves and pressure vessels. Bondtech systems are used in multiple industries including medical waste disposal, medical instrument sanitation, and aerospace manufacturing.

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