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Building Monitoring Solution: HMS Networks and Tata Communications Collaboration

by User Not Found | Jun 16, 2018
HMS Industrial Networks and Tata Communications will be attending Liveworx 2018 and debuting a new ThingWorx based building monitoring solution.


HMS Industrial Networks and Tata Communications are introducing an asset management demo solution built on PTC’s ThingWorx platform. Increasing the visibility of machines and systems owned or managed by an enterprise is a first step in a corporate digital transformation. There is no need to add sensors or additional devices, every company has a huge amount of data that is organically being generated by the machines and facilities they already own. Exposing that data without excessive investment can help to define the long-term connectivity requirements. In addition, it is critical to ensure secure device to edge global connectivity and the ability to manage that connectivity seamlessly without having to deploy additional systems.

HMS offers two gateway solutions that seamlessly integrate into the ThingWorx platform. The Netbiter Argos platform and the LC350/310 ThingWorx enabled gateway. Both gateways allow customers to collect data from virtually any machine in their Enterprise. Leveraging HMS products data from HVAC systems and entire building management systems leveraging BACNET can be integrated into ThingWorx. By offering connectivity to serial interfaces, analog sensors and Ethernet enabled products both legacy and new systems can be connected. Kevin Knake, Executive VP at HMS Industrial Networks “By combining HMS edge gateways with Tata Communications we are able to quickly deploy and manage our 3G and 4G enabled gateways”.


Image 1: ThingWorx Demo Page- Machines

Tata Communications MOVETM delivers highly scalable, secure and reliable global mobile connectivity, between IoT devices and applications in the cloud, with connections to 600 mobile networks globally. Through a software defined programmable interface, enterprises gain unparalleled visibility and control to ensure high reliability and meet total cost of ownership objectives. Within the ThingWorx platform, Tata Communications has launched a MOVETM Extension in order to expose mobile subscriber management APIs, so that customers have a single user interface for device management, connectivity management and data analytics. Tim Sherwood, Head of Business Development “An integrated solution, like the asset management demo with HMS, can greatly simplify the complexity of deploying and managing large-scale IoT solutions”.

Both Tata Communications and HMS Industrial Networks will have representatives at the PTC LiveWorx conference. Interested parties can schedule time to view the solution by registering at the link below.

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