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American machine builders name HMS the number one choice for networking and remote machine access

by User Not Found | Jun 16, 2016

Control Design is one of the leading automation magazines in the United States. For their annual Reader’s Choice Awards 2016, they invited more than 22,000 individuals at American machine-building companies to name their favorite suppliers. HMS was chosen to be the number one supplier in two categories: “Remote machine access” and “Network Protocol Converter/Bridge/Adapter.”

“It is of course very honoring to get this stamp of approval in such a comprehensive survey,” says Kevin Knake, Executive Vice President & General Manager at HMS North America. “It is especially rewarding that the recognition comes from Control Design’s readers – the machine builders themselves who use our products. We are very happy to receive this recognition from Control Design and see this as proof that we are on the right path.”

“Our network protocol converters (Anybus gateways), have long been successful on the American market as well as globally, helping machine builders to get connected to different industrial networks,” comments Anders Hansson, Marketing Director at HMS.

“So the award within ‘Network protocol converters’ is honoring, but not surprising. The recognition within “remote machine access’ is even more gratifying as it shows that our investments within IIoT and remote management are being appreciated by our customers. Our recent acquisition of eWON together with our proven Netbiter solution is gaining ground on the American market as more and more companies are investing in IIoT.”

Control Design’s selection criteria:
We invited more than 22,000 individuals who indicated they have buying authority or influence at their organizations to access our confidential ballot. The voting is unaided, which means we include no list of suppliers for guidance or assistance; it’s a ballot of the people, by the people and for the people. We ask each participant to indicate the first, second and third preference in more than 60 product categories, which we’ve grouped as Control, Hardware, Motion, Networking, Safety, Sensing and Software.


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