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HMS network processor rated best in class by Frost & Sullivan

by User Not Found | May 15, 2013

Prestigious award rendered to HMS at award ceremony in London.
The independent research company Frost & Sullivan has presented HMS Industrial Networks with the “2013 European Industrial Communication Processors New Product Innovation Award.” 

The award recognizes HMS’s new network processor, the Anybus NP40, as best in class in a global comparison. 

High functionality, flexibility and easy integration were some of the features acknowledged by the research team at Frost & Sullivan.

The Anybus NP40 is the new network processor from HMS Industrial Networks and the core component in the upcoming Anybus CompactCom 40-series. Anybus CompactCom is a line of communication interfaces in chip, brick or module formats which are embedded into industrial devices to enable communication with an industrial network.

Enabling multi-network connectivity for demanding industrial applications
The Anybus CompactCom 40-series, based on the Anybus NP40 network processor, supports all major industrial networks but is especially suitable for high-end industrial Ethernet and fieldbus applications. 

Since the NP40 processor practically offers ”zero delay” between the device and the network, the 40-series is ideal for high-performance applications with fast network cycles and synchronization demands such as servo drive systems.

The Anybus NP40 processor makes life easier for device manufacturers since they can use the same CompactCom hardware to support several networks. 

For example, it is possible to install the CompactCom 40-series Ethernet hardware into an industrial device and simply download ready-made firmware to connect to the desired network (for example EtherNet/IP, PROFINET IRT or Modbus-TCP).

9.4 out of 10
After a thorough benchmark of the available industrial communication processors on the market, Frost & Sullivan has deemed the Anybus NP40 to be the best available industrial communication processor. 

The key criteria used in the benchmark were:

  • Innovative Element of the Product
  • Leverage of Leading-Edge Technologies
  • Value Added Features/Benefits
  • Increased Customer ROI
  • Customer Acquisition/Penetration Potential

Each of the five criteria was graded on a scale of 1-10 and the Anybus NP40 reached an average score of 9.4 while the closest competitor reached 6.6. 

Frost & Sullivan Research Analyst Emil Lazarski states:
“Features such as an innovative design and high functionality, combined with the ability to support various industrial networks in a user-friendly and cost-effective manner, make these chips very attractive to diverse end users, such as equipment manufacturers who will have the possibility to offer universal communication interfaces to their customers. In addition, compared to competing alternatives, all solutions based on the NP40 can gain from having a highly integrated design and being more compact. This beneficial for customers because they can easily integrate HMS Industrial Networks’ solution into their final product with a minimal physical footprint.”

“We are very proud to receive this award,” commented Christian Bergdahl, Product Marketing Manager at HMS Industrial Networks from the award ceremony in London. “We have worked with industrial networking for a long time and the Anybus NP40 incorporates this experience into a very competent processor. This award recognizes that we are on the right track for taking this technology even further and that we have the best solution on the market.”

Anybus NP40 Frost and Sullivan award


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