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Anybus Case Study

1080 Motion: Wireless solution used for athlete testing

Wireless Bridge enables data from 1080 Motion’s neuromuscular testing machines to be transferred wirelessly to a computer for immediate display.
Ewon Case Study

Give Your Transformer An Extra Life

At the core of Tamini Trasformatori's system developed by W2W solutions lies the Ewon Flexy using MQTT technology for preventive maintenance.
Anybus Case Study

JSI: Always connected, always sharp

JSI has built an automated slitting machine with robotic blade changers. HMS technology gets the machine connected —in several different ways.
Ixxat Case Study

Power up with Ixxat

Ixxat CAN technology enables Super B in the Netherlands to get even more power out of their state-of-the art lithium ion batteries
Ewon Case Study

Thiele Technologies use Ewon for global remote support

Thiele Technologies use Ewon products to download revision system upgrades without the need for an on-site visit to their customer facilities.

Ewon Case Studies

Aquaflot Degreasing

Remote Monitoring of Degreasing Line via eWON router

The company Aquaflot received an assignment to manufacture and deliver a complete degreasing line for a corporate producing metal sheet covers. The perfect degreasing requires a number of pumps, fans, heaters, dozens of different sensors (temperature, pressure, height, etc.) and, of course, countless hours spent calculating and designing the device. The current parameters are controlled from the touch panel and displayed on this same touch panel.

When designing such a large and demanding device, nothing could be left to chance.


That was why the company decided to monitor the equipment permanently using a VPN eWON 4101CD industrial router. The router holds a SIM card that makes it possible to connect remotely to the system via the mobile phone operator’s 3G. If necessary, they can always connect to the router from any PC that is connected to the Internet.

After connecting to the eWON router, a supervising or a potential correction can be implemented directly in the line’s programme. Once a malfunction is reported, they can connect and find out the issue which can be managed in a matter of minutes.
The use of the eWON router enables an accurate diagnosis of failures; this leads to a low number of service calls and a save of money and time.


Data management

A key feature of the eWON technology is the opportunity to connect to the router at any time and immediately start clearly monitoring, for instance, the individual temperatures and selected values in a web browser, including the request of the display of any necessary graphs and summary sheets.

The observed values are also archived in the router’s internal memory. Simultaneously, the router is configured to send the archived data automatically to the FTP server.



The use of the eWON router gives both the end customer and the manufacturer complete control over the facility. At regular intervals, the individual balance sheet data obtained from the eWON router are evaluated; this concerns gas consumption, temperature, defects, etc. In the event of sudden equipment issue, the errors are automatically recorded in the router memory along with time and date. At the same time, an SMS message and an e-mail report are sent to the technical service department. In many cases, they are aware of a disorder before the operating company itself, and, the technician might be on his way to the customer before the customer himself reports a problem.

Anybus Case Studies

Ixxat Case Studies

  • Schaeffler_CANblueII

    Ixxat CANblue II make drive tests (more) tangible

    Ixxat CANblue II connects ECU of test vehicles via Bluetooth with tablet PCs and makes driving tests more „tangible“ by displaying vehicle data.
    Schaeffler Engineering China
  • ETAS

    Car simulator driven by IXXAT

    ETAS uses IXXAT PC interface boards to enable communication between their LABCAR HiL test system and different Electronic Control Units (ECUs).
    ETAS GmbH
  • Sarissa-INpact

    Connect two worlds with the IXXAT INpact

    Sarissa GmbH offers advanced assistance systems for position measurement and worker guidance right down to the last millimeter. The systems enable error-free production and are used in manufacturing, picking and assembly in the automotive, aerospace and general industry sectors.
    Sarissa Assistance Systems rely on IXXAT INpact to connect their local positioning system to customer‘s own worker guidance systems.

    Sarissa GmbH
  • excavating machine simulator

    USB-to-CAN compact – enabling data exchange within excavating machine simulator

    At Halmstad University in Sweden, work has been proceeding to develop a state-of-the-art simulator for an excavating machine. The prototype uses Virtual Reality to simulate the environment in an excavator. The VR goggles display what the operator would see in an actual excavator and the driver's seat also moves according to what the operator does – making the experience very real.

    Halmstad University in Sweden






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