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The top 3 challenges of remote management for power systems — And how Netbiter Argos can be used to solve them

by James Kime | Apr 29, 2021

Did you notice that it did not say remote monitoring in the heading? While the ability to access data from a remote device is a valuable part of a solution, it can only take you so far.  Management of a remote asset is about being able to fully maintain, track and integrate it into your existing systems. A power generation system, whether rented out to a construction site for continuous operation or as a backup generator for a hospital, must be fully managed to ensure it will run for longer and function on demand.


Challenge 1: I have a wide range of generators of different brands & models

 While managing a single power generator can be relatively straight forward, keeping control of a fleet of generators from different manufacturers is a much more complex task.  Over time, the problem is inevitable and if not planned for the maintenance can become prohibitively expensive.


Argos Solution:

The Netbiter Argos solution is built with a library of configurations for generator controllers from industry leading vendors such as DSE, ComAp, Woodward, Caterpillar, DEIF, and Datakom. These configuration not only save time on installation and commissioning, but also provide a standard presentation interface to all your generators.  This means that data is available and standardized no mater how many different brands and models you have in your fleet. 


Challenge 2: Monitor other types of equipment

Management of a power generation installation is about more than just monitoring the generator itself.  An installation can be composed of many different components from fuel tanks to solar cells, with every possibility in the middle.


ARGOS Solution:

Netbiter Argos has a library of over 400 different ready-made product profiles for a wide range of devices such as energy meters, UPS, PLC systems, I/O modules, and solar controllers. These product profiles consist of a ready-made dashboard, some common alarms, and a set of common data points that can be monitored.

This is a great starting point and these setups can be easily changed to suit an application.  Projects can be created to combine all these elements into one easy interface to track a complex site.


Challenge 3: I want to integrate the generator data into my logistics or service management system.

Netbiter API - integrate to other systems

Argos Solution

While the Netbiter Argos system itself offers a wide range of features for advanced alarm and user notification management, the same data can be used in many different ways and there is no one solution for all!

The Netbiter Argos solution supports a RESTful API offering two-way communication with third-party applications which provides more enhanced, customized features.  Basically, the data is yours and you can use it anywhere you want.   



The power generation market is diverse and there are no clear standards between today’s manufacturers.  Where more products are being interconnected, the flexibility and scalability of your solution is key for success. Together with today’s IoT trends, the importance of field data increases when developing new products and services.

Check out the Netbiter Argos solution which offers to solve these challenges without huge investment or deep IT-knowledge.

Netbiter Argos is an end-to-end, cloud-based remote management solution from HMS Networks. 

Visit for more information.

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