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A Sneak Peek into this week’s Rockwell Automation Fair Demonstration

by Julia Sheridan | Nov 13, 2018

AGV_demo (1)

With only a few days to go before the Rockwell Automation Fair in Philadelphia, we are sharing a sneak peek into the AGV demonstration that will be inside our booth, 137. See for yourself how HMS Network solutions enable seamless inter-connectivity between automated material handling equipment and information systems in action!

What Products will be displayed inside this year’s Demonstration?

The Material Handling Institute Annual Industry report has listed that robotics and automation, predictive analytics and IIoT are seeing significant adoption. The increasing use of mobile equipment, such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), has brought new levels of efficiency and speed to warehouses. In this demonstration, we have partnered with Grenzebach to show how HMS products can be used on their AGV system to enable a new level of connectivity. The three HMS products that will be highlighted in the demo include the:

  • eWON Flexy 205
    The demo uses the Flexy 205 for remote access to configure and program the Allen-Bradley GuardLogix5380 Safety Controller. It is used to remotely collect, visualize and analyze the data associated with the AVG operation. It can also remotely display the dashboard on the VersaView Industrial Computer.
  • Anybus Wireless Bolt
    The demo uses the Anybus Wireless Bolt for programming, commissioning and control of AVG from the Supervisory Control Panel (Allen-Bradley VersaView Industrial Computer).
  • Anybus Linking Device
    The Anybus Linking Device is used to connect a Profibus I/O module to control the stack light.

As an Encompass Partner of Rockwell Automation, we also will be highlighting many of their products in the demonstration including the:

  • VersaView Industrial PC with FactoryTalk View HMI
  • GuardLogix PLC
  • Safety Switch
  • Point I/O
  • Stack Light

Demonstration System Functional Overview

All these products come together to create a multi-functional demonstration for attendees. The AGV will be running pre-programmed routes inside of the securely gated area which has been laid out inside of the booth. Along these routes, the AGV will be moving pallets from one point to another. While the AGV is operating, the VersaView PC will be running the Fleet Manager Software and FactoryTalk View HMI. The HMI screens will be visible to attendees, so they can see the Operational Overview Pages, Alarm/Fault/Warning pages and Maintenance/Service Pages made available. The HMI will be accessed remotely via the remote desktop which we will have at the event.  It will also be interfacing with the Fleet Manager software and the ControlLogix PLC, and will be transferring data between these systems.

All data related to Operational Overview, Alarm/Fault/Warnings, and Maintenance/Service will be available in the ControlLogix PLC to predefined tags. This information will be monitored and logged by the Flexy for notifications and displayed on web-based dashboards. The Compact GuardLogix will also be monitoring the Door Safety switch that will be on the gate surrounding the demonstration. If someone was to open this door while the AGV was operating it will immediately halt to ensure the safety of the user. The eWON Flexy will be used to demonstrate its remote access ability from eCatcher (PC & mobile) and M2Web. By using the Flexy in this application attendees can see how it can monitor the Compact GuardLogix tags to send notifications via email or alarms, log data, and create dashboards for the Operational Overview, Alarm/Fault/Warnings, and Maintenance/Service. The Stack light that is attached to the wall will be controlled by the Compact GuardLogix via Profibus. The Anybus Linking Device will be utilized to be a controlling PROFIBUS Point IO to be hardwired to the AB Stack Light to indict alarms and system status via the light.

The demonstration will lastly display how the Anybus® Wireless family of products from HMS will help you build your wireless infrastructure with fully featured wireless access points. The Anybus Wireless Bolt will be used in the demo to allow the AGV and a PC, tablet or smartphone access to the system LAN.

More Event Updates

Be sure to also attend the Technical Session our connectivity experts Jason Block and Andrew Seymour will be presenting at 2:00 pm each day of the show in room T83 where they will focus in on "Enabling Safe Service". In this lecture, HMS will present several strategies for improving facility safety by enabling remote service, either in-plant or remotely. Topics will include how to enable on-site visits while limiting manufacturing floor access, access to remote sites, and enabling remote service.

To learn more check out the article that Jason Block, one of the presenters, wrote about Safe Service here:

Full Article

Want more?

With the HMS Industrial Networks Connected Warehouse, HMS has created solutions for automated material handling throughout the supply chain. Connectivity is key to accomplishing many key competitive advantages, and HMS Industrial Networks is your partner every step of the way. We look forward to seeing you there on November 14th-15th. Learn more about the show here:

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